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What episode of Pokemon are Ash Misty May and Max tied up and gagged?


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I'm fairly sure they were gagged and tied up. I think there was only like 3 episode that they were all in anyway, and I they were gagged and tied up then.

They all been tied up. But Ash,was socks and tape gagged in Manga May and Max have been gagged and tied up in 4 part episode. and may and max have been tied back to back in and get there feet tickled in Magna. Misty has been tied up gagged . She was taped gagged when she was kidnap along with other water Pokemon in the episode "Just add Water."

why do u ppl want to no this stuff but anyway misty, ash, and brock were tied up in the episode '' here comes the squirtle squad''. mistywas tie p in the episode just add water. waht abot may max and dawn and thatcher it sjut want some if us like ok