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I'm fairly sure they were gagged and tied up. I think there was only like 3 episode that they were all in anyway, and I they were gagged and tied up then.

They all been tied up. But Ash,was socks and tape gagged in Manga May and Max have been gagged and tied up in 4 part episode. and may and max have been tied back to back in and get there feet tickled in Magna. Misty has been tied up gagged . She was taped gagged when she was kidnap along with other water Pokemon in the episode "Just add Water."

why do u ppl want to no this stuff but anyway misty, ash, and brock were tied up in the episode '' here comes the squirtle squad''. mistywas tie p in the episode just add water. waht abot may max and dawn and thatcher it sjut want some if us like ok

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In what episodes of Pokemon girl was gagged?

Girls have been gagged often in the Pokemon series. In the episode "The Misty Mermaid", two of Misty's sisters were tape gagged. In the episode "Just Add Water", Misty and a male were gagged with tape. In the special "Raikou, the legend of thunder" the female character Marina was gagged over the mouth with cloth. and tied up May has been gagged, and tied up rope and web in a few episodes. In the Pokemon manga, Dawn has been chloroformed 3 tiems and socks gagged and tied up in rope and web in wil be on the show and Flannery has been tape gagged and tied up and beer feet. misty sister have tie her up and tape her motuh and misty tied her sister lili up and tape her motuh an then ash and dawn where chair tied and gagged with no shoes and socks in Pokemon manga max and may where trap in a net then tied up and gagged in Pokemon manga and marina get tied up and tape gagged in manga in Pokemon manga may and misty get chlorformed 3 times and in Pokemon manga misty and her sister lile where tied up and gagged by by by there 2 sisters and ni manga may dawn marina misty and her sister lili get tied up in a 2 prat epsiode and gagged in the 2 episdoe and in Pokemon manga a boy who them rocket tied up tie may and dawn up sying there with them what when did this happen

In what episode does Misty's sisters get tied up and gagged?

The episode was called "The Misty Mermaid." Only two of her three sisters got the be tied up and gagged.

In what episode msty tied up and gagged?

In the Pokémon anime series Misty is tied up in episode 12 of season 1. She is, however, not gagged.

What Episode of Pokemon is May is in distress because of being Tied Up and Gagged?

episode 258, "Just Add Water" that was misty in that episode not may he want to no what episode for may

What episode of Pokemon are may and dawn tied up and gagged?

It is Episode 22 in Pokemon Battle Dimension what i did not see that show my pic then so i no that may down are tied up gagged

Where does Ash Ketchum get tied up and gagged?

When he tries to rape Misty, but brock wanted to have first dibs, so brock tied him up and gagged him is this in an episodes...if so, then what episode number?

Which episode does may get taped gagged?

It is not known if May is ever taped and gagged in the Pokemon series. She is however tied up in several episodes such as episode 44 of season 6.

In which episode is Pokemon may hand gagged?

wili may was hand gagged by max and ash befor and max his tied may up and his tied max huh what you tlaking about when did this happen

Is there episode if ben 10 where Gwen ben get tied up or get tied up gagged?

is there a episode where ben 10 saves gwen and shes gagged

In what episode is may and max kidnap and tied up and tape gagged and have ther sohes and socks rovemed by team rocket?

in the lost Pokemon episodes in jp may and max are tied up tape gagged and have no shoes and socks on there feet and they are tickled on there feet by team rocket and then there in episode where max is tied up and gagged in a chair with his sister may and there one where dawn is tied up in rope and tape gagged

In what episode of Pokemon pearl and diamond battle dimension are May and Dawn tied up and gagged?

they aren't.

In which episode does misty get tied up?

In the Pokémon anime, Misty is tied to a rock by the Squirtle Squad. This episode is episode 12 of the first season.

Dos dawn may max or misty get tikled and tape gagged and chair tied?

yes all of them do ni pokenmon magna yes in Pokemon magna

In what episode of Pokemon does Misty get tied up?

Answer to mistymisty gets tied up in a few episodes the first one is "here comes the squirtle squad" and the other is well... i don't know the title but its when brock gets volpix from a Pokemon breeder and team rocket kidnaps misty at a salon. Also she bound and gagged with tape in the episode "Just Add Water." why do u ppl want to know this stuff? anyway she gets tied in the episode where ash gets his very own squirtle . she gets tied up andshe is chocking on tape on her mouth in just add water

What episode is dawn tied up in?

In the Buffy episode "The Weight of the World," Dawn is tied up and gagged by Glory. This episode is the 21st episode in the fifth season.

What Episode was Kelly Hu tied up and gagged in?

She is gagged in the series Martial law, I think it's episode 9. But I don't know where to find it

Is there a Naruto episode when Ino and Hinata are tied up and gagged?

No, and there never will be.

What Ben 10 episode has Ben or Gwen tied up gagged in a chair?

Revenge of the Swarm is the Ben 10 episode that has Ben and Gwen tied up gagged in a chair. Revenge of the Swarm is the 26th episode of Ben 10.

Actresses that have been tied up and gagged?

has stefanie powers been tied and gagged

In what episode of Pokemon does someone get tied up?

epsiode 264 and 269 ash get tied up and in epsidoe 315 thatcher get tied up gagged in 308 may and max get tied up and in 314 may max and ash get tied up and in 419 ash may and max get tied up

Has Emily deschanel been tied and gagged?

Yes in a Episode of bones Season 1 ep 15

What Episode of Conan is ran mori is Tied Up and Gagged?

I think it's in episode 294-294 and episode 554-555 that's all I know about that....

Is there an episode were dawn from Pokemon gets tickled gagged?

I know every episode,and yes,there is an epsode were dawn gets tickled. on her feet she tied up by them rocketReally? What is the name of the episode. Please tell me.if i can rember it was my brother that show me it i dont see him that offfin il try ask him then il lut you no ok and whan i no i gave you my emil ok but what i dont no is ifthere in episode where dawn is tied up i need to no i form my brother but i need to no of there noe whan she not tickled but tied up or gagged or trap in a net or hand gagged ir warpped pu in webIf that episode really exists please post it to the and this is the siliest questin but theree is no eepisode

Did Yu-Gi-Oh gx jaden get tied up or gagged or hand gagged?

yes jaden was hand gagged and tied up in yugioh gx manga yugioh gx manga vol 1 is when jaden is hand gagged gx manga vol3 is when jaden is tied up he yet to be gagged with tape or so but mybe he will be tied up agian and gagged at the some time

Does Yugioh Yugi or Mokuba get tied up in rope or just tied up?

At the end of one of the episode it shows Tea,and Mokuba tied up in rope. At the begining of the same episode it shows Mokuba bound in rope and gagged hanging otu of a helicopter. in maga That happed to yugi he was kidnap and tied up to a chair tape gagged and beer feet with mokuba in maga what when did this happen