What episode of the office do they play clue?

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They never play the game "Clue."

However, in the episode "Murder" they play a very similar game called
"Belles, Bourbon and Bullets"
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What is Clue?

Clue is a classic board game that is based on the murder of Mr. Boddy. The contestants must correctly answer the questions "Who did it?" and "Where in the mansion?" and "What weapon?". It is now a computer game available on CD. This is the same as the English version of Cluedo, where you have a ( Full Answer )

How much MONEY does Joe from blues clues make per episode?

From Wiki- In 2000, the show had generated over $1 billion in licensing products. It has received numerous awards for excellence in children's programming, educational software, and licensing, and has received nine Emmy nominations. More than ten million Blue's Clues books were in print by 2001, ( Full Answer )

Where can you watch the office season 4 episode 2?

The Office can be seen on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and from its DVDreleases. It is also possible these episodes will be available tostream for free through their official network websites, though itis not guaranteed.

How many episodes per season of The Office?

Season 1: 6 episodes Season 2: 22 episodes Season 3: 25 episodes Season 4: 19 episodes Season 5: 28 episodes Season 6: 26 episodes Season 7: 26 episodes (anticipated, may change)

What is a website to play clue free?

you can go on the computer and go on hasbro it's the same thing every time though or you can sign up for pogo and have a website and play on that don't do secrets and spies though by, Mackenzie rose farina

How long is an episode of 'The Office'?

"The Office" is an NBC sitcom (2005-date), developed from the 14-episode BBC series (2001-2003).. Three different episode lengths appeared during the third season (2006-2007), which along with "missing" scenes and episodes, causes complications for reruns and syndication.. Normal 30-minute episode ( Full Answer )

Who plays the voice of blues clues?

Traci Paige Johnson did the "voice" of Blue. Steve Burns (1996-2002) and Donovan Patton (2002-2006) were the human hosts. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue%27s_Clues

The fire drill was what episode of the office?

86/87 14/15 " Stress Relief " ‡ Jeffrey Blitz Paul Lieberstein February 1, 2009 516/517 . Dwight stages a fire drill which causes a panic and Stanley has a heart attack. With stress levels high, Michael tries a number of ways to get his employees to relax before discovering that he is the nu ( Full Answer )

Why is there a snail in every blues clues episode?

There is a Snail because they want to make kids see if they can spot it. There is one episode in which one of the snails is pointed out which is in the Season 1 Episode Magenta Comes Over There are usually 3 or 4 snails in every Blue's Clues episode.

What was the first office episode of season 6?

gossip is the first episode. Michael finds out that Stanley is cheating on his wife teri. he tells everyone in the office but then regrets it and so he tells everyone lies about every person in the office. he says that pam is pregnant which is actually true. everyone tries to find out what the 1 tru ( Full Answer )

Why is blues clues playing reruns?

Because the don't film blues clues anymore. Steve and that other dude are old and they can't film them anymore. Besides no one watches blues clues anymore. They watch other stuff like, The backyardagains and The wiggles.

How do you play clue the board game?

You have to shuffle the cards and seperate them and put them into the different catagories and shuffle the catagories seperate and pick one card from each pile WITHOUT LOOKING and put them into the confidencial envelope. Then you pick a player and their card. All of the rest of the cards you shuffle ( Full Answer )

What is your favorite episode of blue's clues?

The Season 2 Episode: Telling Time With Blue Season 1: Snack Time Season 2: What does Blue Wanna do on a Rainy Day Season 2: What does Blue Want to do with her Picture

In what episode of the Office does Michael drop a watermelon?

As a matter of fact, there are 2 episodes where he does that. In "Baby Shower" he drops a watermelon that Dwight is pretending to give birth to. In "Safety Training" he drops a watermelon from the roof of the building onto a trampoline.

Where can you watch new the office episodes?

The Office is on NBC on Thursdays at 9 E /8 C When new episodes are shown, they are on NBC, but if there is no new episode at the time, they show reruns.

Are there any clues on the episodes for Doctor Who season 6?

Steven Moffat has confirmed that River Song's background and identity will be revealed and that all the questions left over from Series 5 concerning the Time Cracks and The Silence will play a role, as well as the mystery of the external force that took control of the TARDIS in The Big Bang and trie ( Full Answer )

How do you play the 39 clues game?

Play missions, go in arena 39, and enter card codes to get clues. Get all 39!! ~James the Janus Check out this reusable card code! P3GJW7JEXP

What in your opinion is the funniest episode of the office?

Stress Relief. Season 5, Episode 14/15. It's about Stanley suffering a heart attack from Dwight's insane fire drill. A big part of it came from Stanley being stressed. So, Michael decided that it would help Stanley's stress to have a roast of himself (Michael).

How do play the decoder in 39 clues?

In decoder for the 39 clues, you start out with several different colored marbles in the bottom. Depending on what level you are on, you will always get orange and green marbles. The goal of the game is to match the code at the end of the board (hidden). However, on the right of the board are 4 empt ( Full Answer )

What episode does Toby flenderson hit someone in the office?

Toby never hits anyone in 'The Office' Perhaps you may mean 'hits on' as in flirts, and that occurred in 'Night Out' is Season 4 where Toby touches Pam on the leg while they wait in the building lobby to be let out of the parking lot. Also, Michael tries to get Toby fired by provoking him to p ( Full Answer )

What are blues clues episodes in spanish?

The show "Blue's Clues" is called "La Pista de Blue". Literally "Blue's Track, Runway or Clue" A few episode names are Tiempo de Jugar en la Granja de Blue - time to play in Blue's farm (Blue's Farm Playdate) Viajeros del Mundo - World travelers Estrellas de Música - Music Stars Caball ( Full Answer )

How many episodes of the Office were there?

The nine seasons of the US version of The Office had 6, 22, 25, 19, 28, 26, 26, 24, and 25 episodes, respectively, for a total of 201 episodes. The British version of The Office had two seasons and 15 episodes.

Where can you play clue on your computer?

Clue is a popular board game, that has been recreated as a video game you can play on your computer. The original board game was made by Hasbro, the video game was created and sold by EA Games.

What is the cost to get to play Clue online?

The price ranges from 5 Dollars to 10 Dollars depending on which site you are playing on. There are hundreds of sites that allow for online playing at minimal costs to your internet provider.

How does one play the DVD game named 'Clue'?

You can play the DVD game named Clue by first inserting the disc into your DVD player. Once the game has loaded, you will need to use the DVD remote control to play the game.