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What equipment was used in the olympic games for dialous?

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What equipment was used in the Ancient Olympic Games?

No equipment was used!

What equipment was used in the modern olympic games?

baseball bats

Equipment used for olympic rowing?

The equipment used for olympic rowing is the same as equipment used in rowing clubs around the world. Blades(Oars), and a boat.

What is the equipment and outfits used in Olympic cycling?


When was the Olympic flame first used at an Olympic games?

the Amsterdam games in 1928

What is the Equipment used in Olympic Shooting?

guns because they need

What building were used in the ancient olympic games?

Stadiums and H ippodromes were errected for the Olympic Games

When was the Olympic flag used?

The Olympic flag is used during the Olympics. The offical flag has been flown at every Olympic games sine the 1920 Antwerp games.

Why did they have a UFO at the 1984 Olympic Games?

The 1984 Olympic Games used a UFO theme to have some fun.

What is the athlete Olympic Village used for?

The Olympic village is used for homing the participating athletes during the games.

What drugs were used at the olympic games?


What year was the Olympic flag designed?

The Olympic flag was designed in 1914, but first used at the 1920 Olympic games.

In which year was the Olympic flag designed?

The Olympic flag was designed in 1914, but first used at the 1920 Olympic games.

Was a koala ever used as a mascot for Olympic games?


What games was Olympic flame first used?


When was turf first used in the olympic games?


In which year was the official Olympic Flag first used at the modern Olympic Games?


When was it first used at an Olympic Games?

The rings where first used in 1916 by America

What happens to the Olympic pool when all games finish?

Still used as an Olympic pool for practice and events.

What criteria is used in picking teams for Olympic games?


What are the official languages of the olympic games?

French and English. However, the other language(s) used at the Olympic games is the language(s) of the host country.

When did Olympics change from 100 yards to 100 meters dash?

The Olympic Games have always used the metric system (i.e. from the first modern Olympic Games in 1896). There has never been a 100 yards race in the Olympic Games.

Where do the Olympic flame always start from and why?

It is lighted in Olympia, Greece; the place where the ancient Olympic Games used to be held.

What is the name of the horns used in the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games?

Vuvuzeles are the horns used in Africian soccer games and at the Olympics.

Are chariots used in any Olympic Games?

no at least not for a while in the first olympic games chariot racing was acceptable. Now days it is considered too dangerous.