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What essences are used to make perfume?

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lemon woody

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What flowers are used to create White Shoulders perfume?

flower they have something that useto make perfume

What is the purpose of perfume trays?

Perfume trays are mainly used to hold all sorts of perfume bottles in a single, organized location. They can be used in a bathroom to make it appear neater.

What plant is used to make perfume?

Gera kha

What part of the flower is used to make perfume?

the petals

How does perfume get its smell?

From the essential oils used to make it.;

What does Clinique Wrappings perfume smell like?

Clinique Wrappings perfume smells primarily like flowers. It contains essences of lavender, hiacinth, jasmine and rose plus nutmeg, leather, musk and oakmoss.

What machines are used to make perfume?

Perfume machine are used to make perfume .The equipment is consist of the perfume pot, frozen units, air diaphragm pump ,piping system, and filtering devices. More information ,please click ,Wuxi Allied Technologies Co., Ltd. make this machine .

What two essences are put together to make a swing set on MySims Kingdom DS?

You can found out my mixing two essences together and seeing what they make.

Why is alcohol used to make perfume?

So it smells better

Does it has to be fresh petals to make the perfume?

slightly, even a dot of brown does not make perfume sufficient enough to make a perfume

Why do people bye whale spew?

Because it is used to make perfume

How do you make perfume?

A&o Perfume spiderwebs

How do you make perfume in alchemy?

alcohol+flower= perfume

How do you get hair soft wavy?

herbal essences hair masque for soft herbal essences tousle me softly WEN WET! make gorgeous waves

What is a perfume cone?

a perfume cone is a come that keeps perfume in it usually used by women.

Where do you find skull essences on MySims?

There are no skull essences

Does herbal essences Totally Twisted products make your hair curly?


On your sims Kingdom how do you get rocket essences?

to get the rocket essences go to rocket reef and shake trees that have rocket essences.

Why is opium no longer used as an ingredient in perfume?

Opium is no longer used as an ingredient in perfume because of its additive quality. Though YSL produces a perfume named Opium, there is no ingredient of opium used in the manufacture of the perfume Opium!

How is ambergis used?

it is used to make perfume.very expensive perfume. ambergis is what comes out of a whale when it is sick.(whale vomit)

Is it true that perfume can make you dizzy?

sometimes it depends on how strong the perfume is

How do you do perfume laboratory escape game?

you get the magic elixir and make perfume

When was Herbal Essences created?

Herbal Essences was created in 1972.

Where did the name perfume come from?

The word perfume passed into English from Middle French and Provencal French parfumar "to scent". This evolved from Classical Latin per "through" and fumare "to smoke".The earliest use of the term in the sense of "a fluid containing pleasant essences of flowers" in England is in the 1540s.

What are the other flowers in perfume?

Most flowers with a scent are used in perfume.