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There was no single event that drew the US into World War I in 1917. The sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 along with continued submarine warfare against American commerce made the US entry into the war almost inevitable.

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What event brought the US into war?

The Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor brought us into WWII

What event finally brought the us into World War I?

the resumption of restricted sub-warfare brought the us into world war 1.

What event brought the US into WW2?

The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese brought the US into World War Two.

What event brought US into World war two?

The Japanese attack on the US Fleet at Pearl Harbor.

What event in Hawaii brought the US into World War 2?

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

What prompted the US to enter World War 1?

The German government announced the reopening of unrestricted submarine warfare in 1917. This action brought the US to declare war on Germany.

Which event finally brought the US into World War 2?

The unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbour by the Japanese

What was the immediate cause of the US entry into World War 1?

the sinking of the Lusitania. Actually, the Lusitania went down in 1915. The US went to war in 1917. The Zimmermann Telegram was what actually brought them into the war.

Why did the allies embark on the war in 1917?

The allies entered the war in 1914; the US entered the war in 1917.

What event caused the US to get involved and declare war Japan and Germany?

Pearl Harbor which happened on December 7, 1941 is what brought the US into world war 2 and why it declared war on Japan and Germany.

Was the event that brought world war 2 to a end the attack of pearl harbor?

That was the beginning for the US. The end was dropping the A-bombs.

War war I began in 1915?

1914. For the US 1917.

What event brought the US into World War 1?

There is no single pin point event that caused the US to enter into WWI, but the Zimmerman Note was one. There was a message sent from Germany to Mexico asking for them to team up to fight the US. Britain intercepted it and shared new to the US. It was uncertain if it was actually true or if Britain made it up to get the US into the war, but that was one event.

What event brought the us into the war with japen?

The Japanese bombed our Navy base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 6, 1941.

What do the uss Maine and the lusitania have in common?

Both ships were the catalyst that brought the US into war. The sinking of the USS Maine brought us into the Spanish American War. And the Lusitania brought us into World War 1.

The US entered the war in 1917?

That would be World War 1.

When the US join World War 1?

They joined the war in 1917.

What event brought the US into world war 2?

Pearl Harbor. On December 7th (my sisters birthday), the Japanese bombed our naval base there.

What was the condition of the US economy in 1917?

The US economy was in a state of depression in 1917. However, after World War I begins in 1917, the economy is stimulated due to trading war necessities with Britain and other allies.

Name two events that brought the US into world war 1?

When listing two events that brought the United States into World War I, the first must be Germany's announcement in January of 1917 that it would be engaging in unrestricted submarine warfare (and then the actual practice of the same). A significant second event would be the infamous Zimmermann Telegram, a copy of which was received by the U.S. government in February of 1917: it revealed intrigue between Germany and Mexico concerning a possible alliance against the U.S.

When did the us enter the war and on which side?

The US entered the war in April of 1917 and were on the Allies side.

The US entered the war in 1917 on the side of the?

The United States entered World War 1 in 1917 on the side of the Allies.

Was it in the national interest of the US to stay neutral or declare war in 1917?

Initially, the US was to remain neutral in World War I but in 1917 Germany attempted to form and alliance with Mexico. Also, Germany began sinking US ships. These events led the US to declare war on April 6, 1917.

The event in 1941 that brought the US into war?

The US was brought into World War II when the Japanese launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. The attack killed many and injured even more. Also, many ships from the Pacific Fleet were destroyed or horribly damaged, some not repairable.

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