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Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus

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What event did Martin Luther King Jr. use to ignite interest in civil rights?

nine black students

What event did martin luther king junior use to ignite interest in civil rights?

Dr. Martin Luther King used Rosa Parks, known as the â??Mother of the Civil Rights Movementâ?? to ignite interest in the cause. Parks had refused to give up her seat on a segregated bus to a white person as was required in the Jim Crow south. She was simply tired. As a result of her arrest, King organized the 1955 Montgomery Bus boycott that lasted for over a year. The courts ruled segregation of the bus system was unconstitutional. This success ignited the non violent civil rights movement.

What is martin luther-?

Martin Luther King was a famous civil rights leader.

Where can information about Martin Luther King Jr be found?

Information about Martin Luther King is available at the official Martin Luther King museum. Martin Luther King was a civil rights leader who advocated equal rights.

What is the significance of Martin Luther?

Martin Luther led religious reform. Martin Luther King led civil rights reform

What did Martin Luther began the?

Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation Martin Luther King began the Civil Rights Movement

How did Martin Luther King jr became a civil rights?

was martin Luther king, jr apart of the civil rights act

What are 4 good deeds Martin Luther King jr did?

Martin Luther king was a civil rights activist

How many things did Martin Luther King Jr accomplish in his lifetime?

Martin Luther king was a canadate the fighted for black peoples rights Martin Luther king was a canadate the fight for blacks peoples rights

What was Martin Luther King Jr before he was an civil rights leader?

Martin Luther King was a minister prior to being a civil rights leader.

What do Gandhi and Martin Luther Kings does not have in common?

Gandhi fought for the Idian's rights and freedom. Martin Luther King fought for the rights of the black Americans.

What year did Martin Luther King Jr standed for the rights for blacks to do what is right?

in what year did Martin Luther King Jr. fought for the rights if blacks

How did Martin Luther king jr be a civil rights leader?

Which method for achieving civil rights is most associated with Martin Luther King, Jr.?

What were the rights that martin Luther king fought for?

he fought for civil rights

What makes Martin Luther King memorable?

Martin Luther King is memorable because he fought for African rights.

Martin Luther King jr civil rights movement?

Do you mean "did martin luther king jr. start the civil rights movement?" If so then yes.

How did Martin Luther effect on people?

Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation against the Catholic Church. Martin Luther King led the Civil Rights Movement. Which do you mean?

How did Martin Luther King contribute to US history?

Martin Luther King peacefully led the civil rights movement. There may still be segregation today if it weren't for the efforts of Martin Luther King and his fellow civil rights leaders.

Who wrote the civil rights?

Martin luther king

What movement was martin Luther associated?

Civil rights

What stopped the civil rights?

Martin Luther King

What famous civil rights activist is honored in January?

Martin Luther King Jr.Martin Luther King Jr.

Was Martin Luther King Jr a Muslim?

No. Martin Luther King Jr was a Baptist minister and a civil rights activist.

How does Martin Luther King emboy American ideals?

.*Martin Luther King Was A Priest From The Renaissance Who Started The Protestant Reformation And Martin Luther King Was A Leader In The American Civil Rights.!

Was Martin Luther King a priest?

Martin Luther King was the father to influential civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and died in 1984. He was not a priest, he was a Baptist minister. Martin Luther was a priest, who lived from 1483 to 1546.