What event happen once every month?

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a full moon
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Is it normal to have a once every 3 month period?

Answer . If you're just starting, it's very normal to have a weird pattern but if not, I don't think it is. The flow can be abnormal for about a year or so.. I didn't have normal periods until the end of my senior year in high school. If you are a ballet dancer it is the amount of physical activ ( Full Answer )

What Famous events happened in the month of June?

June has seen many famous events over the past years. RobertKennedy was shot on June 5, 1968 dying the next day from hiswounds. In June 1783 two French brothers accomplished the firsthot-air balloon launch.

What event happens every week?

Events Like Church That would depend on where you live and what you class as an event.To me an event is a special occasion like a dance, exhibition etc,not going to church,,so.........think of what it means toyou,.

Why does menstruation happen only once in every 28 days?

For reasons not yet fully understood the moon has huge influence on the menstrual cycle.The moon circles the Earth every 28 1/2 days approximately and many fertile women mimic this periodicity between their cycles. Not all women follow this pattern but it has been shown that when women gather togeth ( Full Answer )

What happens to an object once it crosses the event horizon?

I assume you mean the event horizon of a black hole (there areother types of event horizon, as well). The event horizon of ablack hole is the "point of no return" - once an object crosses theevent horizon, it can only go further into the black hole, not out- even it if moves at the speed of light.

Why doesnt an eclipse happen every month?

This is because the orbit of the moon around the earth is not perfectly flat, its tilted by about 5.5 degrees. Its rarely aligned well enough for us to experience an eclipse, the earth will most likely move above or below the sun on each pass.

What is a word for an event that happens twice a month?

If something happens twice a month it is called biweekly because it happens every other week and a month has 4 weeks. there is also bimonthly which is every other month but not really a direct word for something that happens twice a month.

The earth orbits the moon once every month?

No. The Moon revolves around the Earth, not the other way around, once every 27.3 days. That is its orbital period. Its synodic period, the period where the phase of the Earth, Moon, and Sun repeats, is 29.53 days.

What happens to a boy every month?

He gets to pinch and punch for the first of the month against his friends. Seriously, nothing happens to every boy every month. There is no equivalent of the female menstrual cycle or any other event specific to males on a monthly basis. and he masturbates every month

What happens every month?

Every 29.5 days the moon returns to the same phase, i.e new moon to new moon. This takes longer than the actual orbital period of the moon around the earth relative to background stars, this is down to the earths progression around the sun during the month.

Something happens once in two months?

Do you mean "What is the term used to describe something that happens once every two months?" If so, the term is "Bi-monthly".

What happens once every 800 years?

People ask this same question? No. seriously - some months have 5 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. August 2010 - July 2011 etc.

What happens once every 4 years?

Some things that happen once every four years include: - Leap Years - US Elections - The Olympics

What happens once every four years?

You have the world cup, the U.S president is elected, the Olympics are held , and so is the Euro cup. This all happens every four years.

Does five Fridays five Saturdays and five Sundays all in one month only happen once in every 823 years?

This will occur in any month that has 31 days when the 1st falls on a Friday. In any given year, on average, one month having 31 days will start on a Friday since there is a 1:7 "chance" of a month starting on any given day of the week, and there are seven months that have 31 days in them. Simply ch ( Full Answer )

What happens only once every 823 years?

The claim is that every 823 years, there is a month with 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays. It happens in October 2010. But this is an internet hoax. October previously had 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays in 1982, 1993, 1999 and 2004, and it will happen again in 2021. In fact, to my knowled ( Full Answer )

Why does menstruation happens only once in every 28 days?

because it's your body's cycle. The new egg rolls down and attaches itself to the uterus lining on your vaginal wall. Then when your period comes it all collapses and the lining with the egg leave your body.

What events happen every 10 years?

Reunions. High School, College reunions normally happen 10, 20, 30... years after graduation day/month/year. Class of 1982 will have a reunion in 1992, 2002, 2012, 2022 etc. Other groups have reunions if they were involved in some sort of famous endeavor, for example the moon landings, with as ( Full Answer )

Why don't eclipse happen every month?

Eclipse are only happening when The sun, moon and earth aligned in a strait line which is rare and doesn't happen every month.

What events happen on every Thanksgiving?

Events that happen every Thanksgiving are: 1. Families get together and eat a big meal together. 3. NFL football games are played. 4. Millions of people watch he Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on T.V. 5. Black Friday follows Thanksgiving and the Christmas shopping season begins.

What will happen if you deworm a horse every month?

In adult horses, you will be wasting money and helping to buildparasite resistance to the drug you are using. In foals, you mayneed to deworm monthly but you have to be sure to use anappropriate drug each time rather than using a single drug.

Why do periods happen every month?

Every month your ovaries release an ovum designed to be fertilised by sperm which then implants in a special lining on the wall of the uterus above the vagina where it then develops into a child. However if the ovum is not fertilised it disintegrated after a couple of days. This starts a process tha ( Full Answer )

Why does a full moon only happen about once a month?

Moon is orbiting the earth in 28 days , and when earth is between the moon and sun, a full moon occurs as moon rise in the east and full moon remains visible through out the night in the sky.

How come eclipses do not happen every month?

There is not an eclipse every month because the moon's orbit is tilted with respect to the earth's orbit around the sun. therefore, the shadow of the moon may fall into empty space and not cross the earth.

Does moon phases happen every month?

yes it does because every day i always at the beginning of the month i would look at the moon for the moon cycle