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The Declaration of Independence.

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What happened at the Philadelphia convention?

The constitution was written and approved.

What happened at the Philadelphia Convention in 1787?

The Constitution was written by the Framers

What happened at the Constitutional Convention?

The U.S Constitution was written APEX

What happened at Independence Hall in Philadelphia on May 25 1787?

Fifty-five delegates gathered together for the Constitutional Convention.

What happened at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention in 1787?

In Short:The Constitution was written.In Depth:There were many things that happened at the Philadelphia Convention in 1787. The main purpose of the convention was to fix the many problems with the Articles of Confederation. Some men like James Madison wanted to reform the new government to a centralized form. The convention began on May 25, 1787 with twelve sates. They unanimously elected George Washington as President of the Convention. For each State there was one vote. All of the rules were voted on including secrecy. The people at the convention did support a stronger national government.

Why were no formal records kept at the Constiutional Convention?

Actually there was a record kept of the convention and it was done by James Madison. He wrote down everything that happened within the convention and because of him we know what happened and why.

When did Philadelphia campaign happen?

Philadelphia campaign happened in 1777.

When did Fall of Philadelphia happen?

Fall of Philadelphia happened in 1378.

When did Icelandic Constitutional Assembly happen?

Icelandic Constitutional Assembly happened in 2010.

When did Philadelphia Election Riot happen?

Philadelphia Election Riot happened in 1742.

When did Philadelphia Nativist Riots happen?

Philadelphia Nativist Riots happened in 1844.

When did National Constituent Assembly happen?

National Constituent Assembly happened on 1791-09-30.

When did Northern Ireland Constitutional Convention happen?

Northern Ireland Constitutional Convention happened on 1975-05-01.

What happened in the convention of 1836?

im asking yall,yall should answer it

What happened around 1000 BC in Israel?

the first ganeva convention

Why is the writing of the Constitution called the Miracle at Philadelphia?

Because the constitution is considered a miracle and the writing and creation of it happened in Philadelphia, therefore the Miracle at Philadelphia.

What happened at the Virginia ratifying convention?

At the Virginia Ratifying Convention, 168 delegates from Virginia met to either reject or ratify the US Constitution. At the end of the convention, the delegates agreed to ratify the Constitution.

What happened in Virginia Assembly 1640?

Ther were 2 legislative bosdies

What would have happened if the children had gone to the assembly place as ordered?

If the children had gone to the assembly place like they were ordered they would have been shot.

What happened in the year 1814 in America?

The Hardford Convention was held and the Treaty of Ghent was signed

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