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Germany was TOO imperialistic, and they forced Britain into the war.

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What event Cause Great Britain to declare war on Germany?

The event was Germany invading Poland.

What event happens on July 4?

the declare independence from Britain

Which event officially started World war two in Europe?

the event was when Germany invaded Poland. when Britain and France found out they declare war on Germany.

What event made Great Britain and France finally declare war on Germany?

The German invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939.

The event which led to England and France to declare war on Germany in 1939 was Germany's invasion of what?

England did not declare war on Germany. Great Britain did. England is not an independent nation. Nonetheless the Answer is still Poland.

What event caused Great Britain and France to declare war on Germany which started World War 2?

In the 1930's, Britain and France had a defence agreement with Poland which stated that if Poland was attacked, Britain and France would come to its aid. On 1 September 1939, German troops invaded Poland so on 3 September 1939, Britain and France declared war on Germany.

Which event forced Great Britain to declare war on Germany in 1939?

Nazi Germany entered Poland on September 2, 1939. Prime-minister Nevil Chamberlain issued an ultimatum to Adolf Hitler that if Poland were attacked, Great Britain would come to her aid.

What event reversed the tide of the French and Indian War in favor of great Britain?

Which event reversed the tide of the French and Indian War in favor of Great Britain?

Do the channel islnds between France and Great Britain belong to France or Great Britain?

They belong to Great Britain and its Commonwealth and are responsible for their defence in the event of war.

What event pushed the US into world war 2?

Hitler rose to power of Germany in 1939, He slowly started to retake land lost by the Treaty of Versailles after WW1. Through a process of appeasement, Great Britain and France decided to overlook Germany's advancements until Germany attacked Poland, causing Great Britain and France to declare war.

What event caused Britain and France to declare war on Germany?

The invasion of Poland by German troops on 1 September 1939.

What event triggered WW ll?

Germany invaded Poland, causing Britain to declare war on the 3rd of September 1939.

What event caused the US to declare war on Great Britain in 1812?

Jefferson wanted to avoid war. He asked Congress to pass the Non-Intercourse Act. The plan failed to play France and Britain against each other. Later Napoleon announced France would no longer restrict American trade. U.S. declared war on Great Britain.

What event lead the US to take part in world war 2?

Pearl Harbor is the event that made them declare war.

What event made Britain and France so reluctant to fight in world war 2?

The great depression was a major factor because Britain and France could really afford another war. Also Britain kept having hollow treaties with Germany and that made it impossible for France to declare war because if they did they would not be able to attack Germany without help from Britain. Also France had lost millions of men in world war 1 and the people of France were reluctant to fight again even though they did eventually.

Which event led France and Britain to declare war on Germany in 1939?

The main major event that got Britain and France involved in WWII was the invasion of Poland by the Nazis. The three countries, Britain, France, and Poland had an agreement that if any one of them was invaded the other two would attack Germany.

What event caused Great Britain to enter war?

what war?World War 1NovaNet: Germany invaded Belguim in order to march into Framce.

What is the only standard track and field event in which a British male athlete is the current world record holder?

I'm not sure if this is the only event, but Jonathan Edwards of Great Britain is the world record holder in the triple jump with a jump of 18.29 meters.

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