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Q: What event made compromise pf the 1877 possible?
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What began with a disputed election and made Rutherford B president?

The Compromise of 1877

What is the Historic significance of the Compromise of 1877?

It ended reconstruction and made Hayes president.

What Confederate states were most affected by the Compromise of 1877?

The confederate states most affected by the Compromise of 1877 were Florida, South Carolina, and Louisiana. It was the deal made by Republicans so that southern democrats accepted Rutherford Hayes as the President.

What event made the Compromise of 1877 possible?

Democrats had gained enough power to get things they wanted from Republicans.

What event made the comprimise of 1877 possible?

Democrats had gained enough power to get things they wanted from Republicans.

What previous invention made this event possible?

What event? Need to have the event to answer.

Which event in a comedy is often used to show that the hero has made a compromise with society?

A Wedding

What event made the unification of Italy or Germany possible?

The event made the unification of Italy possible is Risorgimento. As for Germany it was made possible by the Franco- Prussian War.

What was the compromise of 1877?

The Compromise of 1877 ended the election dispute over the election of 1876 and made Republican Rutherford B. Hayes the President of the United States in exchange for rapidly removing federal troops which had occupied the South since the end of the Civil War , as well as other concessions to Southern Democrats. It was an informal, unwritten agreement made by members of Congress and virtually ended the era of reconstruction. All aspects of the deal were quite shady.The compromise of 1877 refers to the unwritten deal that settled the 1876 US presidential election.

How is redemption significant to the end of reconstruction?

The end of reconstruction was made effective by a movement which gathered energy up during the Compromise of 1877, in the process called Redemption.

What brought reconstruction to an end in the south?

Reconstruction came to an end due to the Compromise of 1877(compromise came about because of the disputed 20 electoral votes from the Election of 1876). Part of the compromise was for Rutherford Hayes (candidate to receive the disputed votes which would make him president if Republican agreed to compromise) was to pull federal troops out of the South. Pretty much as soon as Hayes got into office he signed the orders to pull the troops which was the final straw to the Democrat's "Redeemer" government taking over. Any ground that Recontruction had made since 1863 was down the tubes. We would not see another effective stab at Reconstruction until 1963.

What was the great compromise made from and what is it about?

The great compromise was made up of bicameral.