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Q: What events in Europe led some Americans to fear foreigners and foreign ideas after world was one?
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Americans received a one-sided version of war events in Europe because?

Americans received a one side version of war events in Europe because?

A study of the revolutions in Latin america in the 19th century would show that?

Events in the North America and Europe influenced Latins Americans

In what ways did foreign events affect the financial downturn?

Foreign events affected the financial downturn of the United States in several ways. The foreign events affected the United States and world economies is through war and the trade embargo with foreign nations.

What events brought unity to Europe?


What events aboad and at home in the late 1940s helped raise Americans' fears of commmunism?

in Europe during this time starling and Hitler were very powerful. as a lot of people emigrated to America many Americans feared that these immigrants were bringing these communist believes with them. this was called red scare

What events led to the division of Europe?

The Cold War.

Americans received a pro-allied version of war events in Europe because?

During World War II, Americans received a "pro-Allied" version of war events in Europe and elsewhere simply because America was one of the Allied nations. It should be noted, however, that despite (sometimes severe) restrictions placed on the press by Allied leaders, reports from American journalists and observers were not as radically restricted as their Axis counterparts, nor were they as inaccurate as many Axis (and even Soviet) reports.

Why might Europeans be less likely than Americans to support nuclear power?

Europeans might be less likely than Americans to support nuclear power because of the events at Chernobyl in 1986. Large swaths of Europe were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation due to wind patterns.

What is the meaning of foreign news?

Foreign news refers to news stories and events that occur outside of one's own country. These can include global politics, international conflicts, economic developments, and cultural events happening in other countries. Keeping up with foreign news can provide a broader perspective on the world and help understand how events in one part of the world can impact others.

What events happened during 1292 AD in Europe?


What events marked the beginning of the modern ages in Europe?

The sexannual

What effects did the events in Russia in 1917 have on the war in Europe?