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Nationalism, Militarism, Allies and Imperialism

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The Great Depression=World War I==World War II=

There are a great many events that took place during the Civil War. There were many bloody battles for example.

For events, see website: Korean War

I have added a link to an excellent source of information for you from our reference library. You can pick which events you want to learn about in World War 2.

World War 2 took place in 1942.

Most of the publicized events took place in South Vietnam. However, there were 'black ops' that took place in the surrounding countries.

Great Depression, World War Two (2) (II)

World War II took place in the 20th century (1900s)

World War I and World War II were the major wars which took place in Italy.

it took place the US World War 2

world war 1 took place in Europe, the middle east and Germany. world war 2 took place in Russia ,Germany, France, and Belgium.

One of the biggest world events that took place in 1928 was the second Winter Olympic Games which were held in St Moritz, Switzerland. Another major event was the Kellogg-Briand pact where sixty nations agreed to outlaw war.

There was a myriad of antisemitic events during World War 2. But no doubt you are looking for the term; The Holocaust.

d dayThere were many events that took place during World War I. For instance, war was declared in the middle of 1914, the Lusitania is sunk by the Germans in May of 1915, and the Battle of the Somme began in the Summer of 1916.

World War 1 took place primarly in Europe.

Countless events occurred after 1860, including the War Between the States (aka The Civil War). Fran Logan

I think it survived the English Civil War.

If you mean the US civil war then the Revolutionary war took place the first.

Most of the battles of World War One took place on the western front. They took place inside of France and Belgium. Not a single battle took place in Germany.

World War II TOOK PLACE IN 1939-1945.

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