What evidence exist?

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What is the evidence that God does not exist?

There is no evidence to prove or disprove god.

Why do we need evidence that god does not exist when no one has evidence that god does exist?

We do not need evidence that gods do not exist. We don't need to prove a negative. The claim there is no proof that gods do not exist is part of a fallacious argument used by some believers to balance out the lack of any evidence that gods doexist. Try not to get confused about that issue.Regarding the issue of evidence of the existence of God, please see the related question.

Will black holes exist?

There is a lot of evidence that they do, indeed, exist.

Does hell exist scientifically?

No. There is no scientific evidence pointing to the existence of anything like Hell. That does not mean that it does not exist, simply that there is no evidence to say that it does.

Evidence that vampires exist?


Do animals have an afterlife?

There is no conclusive evidence of any afterlife, it is a strange subject in that there is no evidence that it exists, but there is no evidence that it does not exist.

The evidence collector is not concerned with?

Determining the natural variations that exist in physical evidence

Are alien's real?

There is no evidence to suggest that they exist.

Do merpeople exist?

No. There is no evidence of the existence of merpeople.

What evidence exist that the universe is expanding?

An important piece of evidence is the Doppler effect (redshift).

Are vampires dangerous?

there is no scientific evidence that vampires exist. therefore vampires cannot be dangerous if they do not exist.

What evidence did Dalton have that atoms actually exist?


Is there evidence that a pteranodon really exist?

will answer my question please

What the evidence that they exist?

every thing you see today

What evidence is there that bigfoot does not exist?

To date there has still been no hard evidence that bigfoot exists, i.e. photos.

Why is there no real evidence that aliens exist?

Because aliens have not actually visited Earth, at least not during the modern era. No actual evidence exist because it simply hasn't happened.

Do the tablets for the second set of the Ten Commandments still exist?

No. There is no evidence that the tablets of the Ten commandments exist now or ever existed. The only evidence for the tablets is in the Bible itself.

Is there real proof of mermaids?

No. There is no real evidence at all to indicate that mermaids exist. All credible evidence indicates that mermaids do not exist.

Is there a concrete evidence that dinosaurs doesnt exist?

There is no evidence against the former existence of dinosaurs. On the contrary, there are numerous fossilized bones from over a thousand dinosaur species proving that they did exist.

Are werecats real?

no one knows, its the samething with big foot or werewolves. there is no evidence that they exist or that they dont exist.

Do dodo birds exist today?

No. The dodo died out in the 1600s. There is no evidence at all that any still exist.

Is a ghost real?

There is no scientific evidence proving that ghosts exist.

Are zombies a fact?

No so far there are no evidence that zombie exist

Why does the Parol evidence rule exist?

To prevent fraud and uncertainty.

Are Demeans real?

No. There is no real scientific evidence for demons to exist.