Richard Nixon
Watergate Scandal

What evidence existed that nixon was guilty in the watergate scandal?

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What crime was Richard Nixon guilty of?

Well nixon was most giulty of the watergate scandal

What was President Nixon guilty of during the Watergate scandal?

There is a presumption of innocence in the US justice system- everyone is innocent until proven guilty and Nixon was never proven guilty in a court of law. However, there was strong indication that he was guilty of obstructing justice and withholding and destroying evidence and aiding and abetting criminal activity.

What evidence existed that Richard Nixon was guilty in the Watergate Scandal?

The revelation of the White House system for taping conversations uncovered a "smoking gun".One of the tapes confirmed that the President himself had knowledge of the cover-up and actively worked to keep it hidden.Nixon's only option, to avoid impeachment, was to resign the Presidency.

How many people voted Richard Nixon guilty of the Watergate scandal?

There was never any such vote. The house judiciary committee did vote to impeach him by a vote of 27-11, but this was not a guilty/not guilty vote, just a vote to determine whether there was sufficient evidence to render further proceedings worthwhile. Nixon's resignation made impeachment no longer a consideration. While he still could have been tried in regular court, Ford issued him a full, unconditional, and complete pardon, making that a moot issue as well.

Albert Fall found guilty of?

He was guilty of commiting a scandal involving

Is Lizzie Borden guilty or not?

The evidence says she was guilty.

Which vice president was not elected by either the electoral college or the us senate?

President Gerald Ford became vice president after Spiro Agnew resigned when he was found guilty of tax evasion. Nixon then resigned after the Watergate scandal and Ford then became President.

How many went to prison because of Watergate scandel?

38 members of the Nixon Administration plead guilty to or been indicted for crimes revealed in the Watergate investigation.

How do you use the word 'evidence' in a sentence?

The evidence showed he was guilty.

What is the outcome of the hearing?

not to feel guilty and to find evidence to prove you are guilty

What evidence shows tom is guilty?


After hearing the evidence in a case the judge may direct the jury to return a verdict of?

Guilty or not guilty.

How do you get judge removed from after find guilty with no evidence?

Juvenile judge find me guilty no evidence just one the victim Asia but the victim witness said he wasn't me

A sentence using the word evidence?

The attorney's evidence prooved the suspect guilty of the crime.

Was President Nixon impeached as a result of the Watergate scandal?

Yes. President Nixon was impeached. However, we first must define impeachment. Impeachment is the trial that Nixon went through. He was found guilty (obviously guilty) and was therefore impeached. After he was found guilty there were discussions on whether to "fire" him from his job as president but Nixon quit before anything could happen. He therefore was able to keep the benefits that any former president would have and (sort of but not really) save face.

How do you prove that a person is not guilty?

Provide counter evidence.

What is a juries job?

To look at both sides of the story, review the evidence, and make a verdict. Guilty or Not Guilty.

Why a person accused is innocent until proven guilty?

They have to be proven guilty, by evidence and testimony, in a court of law.

In The Crucible by Arthur Miller what are some evidence that Elizabeth is guilty?

What evidence is in the cruicble about abigail williams?

How is evidence used to lead a defendant to plead guilty?

Overwhelmingly obvious proof (evidence) of the offense would lead a guilty defendant to just go ahead and plead to the charge.

A sentence with the word evidence?

She was guilty in the court of public opinion, but the actual evidence against her was slim. Evidence can be used as a noun or a verb.

Why isn't steve harmon guilty of felony murder in the book monster by Walter Dean Myers?

because in the boock ther is a lot of evidence the choes that he is guilty. See all of the evidence in page 276,119,140,128,.That is some part of evidence.

What is exculpatory evidence?

AnswerThat which is favorable to the defendant and may prove that he or she is not guilty.

What Attorney General was implicated in the Watergate break in and cover up?

John Newton Mitchell was a US attorny general and was found guilty of conspiracy. perjury and obstruction of justice because of his involvement with the Watergate break in and cover up.

Can someone be fired from work if she was accused of having a relationship with a married man?

The accuser has to have sufficient evidence. It'll probably be taken to court, and if the accused if found guilty, she will most likely get fired. Any type of scandal ruins the reputation of the employer and the company.

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