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He was never identified or caught although there are a couple suspects, never proven./

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Jack The Ripper was never identified or caught.

Several reasons but one was because of his method of killing and he never got caught.

The first victim of Jack The Ripper is Mary Ann Nichols.

No one really knows who Jack the Ripper was he was so skilled he got away every time!

Jack the Ripper was a horrible man born quite awhile ago. He killed innocent prostitutes. They never found Jack the Ripper but they believe he did this because he got a sexual disease from a prostitute.

It is generally accepted today that Jack the Ripper had five victims. But the Whitechapel Murders File, under the generic heading of which the Jack the Ripper murders are included, actually has eleven murders on it.

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"Blind-man's Buff" is a punch cartoon that came out on September 22 1888. It critizes the police for it's incompetence and the failure to capture the ripper. The cartoon also mocks the police's methods of detection. It doesn't tell us but shows a picture that the ripper is not going to be caught by the police of that day.

Unfortunately, when Jack The Ripper gave himself the famous moniker he knew exactly what he was talking about. The ripper in JTR means precisely that. After cutting his victim's throats, he proceeded to rip open their abdomines and disembowl them. With only one exception, Elizabeth Stride, he was interrupted so her body was left intact, with just a cut throat. But within the hour, less than a mile away he caught Katherine Eddows unaware, she got the full Ripper treatment. Her face was almost unrecognizable when he was finished. Since the imfamous east end killer there have been other rippers. Peter Sutcliffe was the Yorkshire Ripper, Danny Rollin was the Gainsville Ripper, but Jack The Ripper did it first and was able to evade capture, which is part of the reason that people are still facinated by this killer.

He did have a funeral but no one knows what kind of funeral he got because the identity of Jack the ripper was never known. Wherever hes was cremated, buried in a expensive casket or left in a mass grave, we will never know.

He did on at least one victim. The mutilations got more extreme with each killing.

I would say use linux to run jack the ripper. if you run "Backtrack linux" then it's already installed, but if you are running Ubuntu or another linux then do a "sudo apt-get jack" to install it.

Her name was Mary Ann "Polly" Nichols and she was murdered when she was 43.

The Ripper sent half of a kidney most likely taken from Katherine Eddows. It was confirmed to have been human in the advanced stages of Brights disease. Eddows suffered from Brights.

That was Catherine Eddowes muredered on 30 Sept. 1888. That night the ripper murdered another victim about one hour earlier so the ripper got a double event that day. Eddowes mutilated body was found in the south-west corner of Mitre Square.

Of all Jack's victims Stride got off easy. Because he was interrupted by a man with a pony cart the Ripper had to flee before he could mutilate her body. But he did have time to cut her throat, nearly decapitating her.

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Anne Frank got caught when he got caught

You use the amulet that Jack & Annie gave you before they got caught.

Most people that study the crimes of Jack The Ripper agree that he was still killing in 1891. A prostitute named Frances Coles was found murdered, throat cut, in the early morning hours of February 12-13, 1891. Coles fit the victim profile of the Ripper. Scotland Yard knew that JTR did not stop with the death of Mary Kelly. Why it has been report so, I have no idea. But as is typical with this kind of killer, the Ripper continued to kill until he probably just got too old and just faded away.

Jack the Ripper was guilty of a lot of things but being a woman was not one of them. Mrs. Long saw a man from behind, who was speaking with Annie Chapman only minutes before she was killed; the man was unquestionably her murderer. Likewise, George Hutchinson got a very good look at the man seen escorting Mary Kelly to her home and he followed them. He was standing outside of the house near the time of the killing, so Mr. Hutchinson is the witness that most likely saw the face of Jack the Ripper. The Whitechapel murderer was unquestionably male.

As I understand it, there were two main reasons. One, he never got caught in the act. Two, forensics were basically non existent in the 1800s, so there was no way to prove anything.

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