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What evidence lead scientist to think that green algae were the ancestors of plants?


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the evidence lead scientist to think that green algae were the ancestors of plants because they grow just like plants


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Plants are the ancestors of seaweeds. Convergent evolution caused their similarity. Both evolved from brown algae. Seaweeds are the ancestors of plants. Seaweeds are aquatic plants.

Scientist believe that plants evolved from Green Algae most likely from a green algae ancestor (Chlorophyta)

The earliest plants are believed to have been similar to modern algae. It is hypothesized that these algae emerged from an endosymbiosis between earlier eukaryotes and cyanobacteria.

The theory of plants evolution that started from multicellular green algae is supported with evidence. First, the color and shape of small plants is similar with the green algae. Also, reproductive cycle , cell walls, the photosynthetic pigments are the same.

A scientist estimated that algae could produce 120000L of fuel compared with 6000L of palm oil plants.

Because their basic cellular composition remains similar to the modern plants.

Charales is the name of the order of green algae that is believed to have preceded land-based plants. It is a freshwater organism.

They believe that because their basic cellular composition remains similar to the plants today

Many scientists believe that ancient green algae evolved into land plants. The chloroplasts present in green algae are the same as those of land plants. In addition, green algae have cell walls of similar composition to land plants; both store food, such as starch, in the same manner. Most green algae live in freshwater habitats with highly variable conditions. The ongoing changes in their environment have made them highly adaptable.what-evidence-has-led-scientists-to-believe-land-plants-evolved-from-green-algae

Many protists, such as green algae and volvox are photosynthetic and are considered the ancestors of modern plants.

I believe its Green Algae but you'll have to check on that I'm sorry I .

The ancestors of land plants, green algae, lack the structural support to stand erect in air.

Nonvascular plants are more similar to algae.

Cynobacteria are photosynthetic.Photoautorophs.Like plants and algae.

Photosynthesis occurs in the chloroplasts of plants and algae.

No, because plants are not made up of algae

Algae IS a plant. It gets energy from the sun, not other plants.

There are several differences between algae and plants. Algae can be unicellular or multicellular. Plants are only multicellular. Plants also have roots and leaves and stems to get nutrients. Algae can only get nutrients from the water.

The major difference between plants and algae is that plants have connective tissues for the transportation of water in the entire plant body while every cell of algae absorbs water from the source on its own. There is no connective tissue is algae. Secondly, the reproduction system of plants is more developed while that of algae is primitive. Thirdly, algae can be single-celled while plants are multicellular organisms. Another area of difference between plants and algae is photo respiration. Moreover, it is argued by the scientists that algae and plants may share the same ancestor but algae cannot be classified as plants.

Both algae and seed plants have cells with chloroplasts.

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