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How do you get more Mindless Points on the Mindless Behavior Website?

I think you get points by posting messages and pictures.

What are the main points in heck tates evidence?

check your answer

What are lead points for intussusception?

These lead points include cystic fibrosis; recent upper respiratory or gastrointestinal illness; congenital abnormalities of the digestive tract; benign or malignant tumors; chemotherapy; or the presence of foreign bodies

Was Napoleon a Free Mason?

We do not know. There is evidence that points both ways.

What state does jimmy neutron live in?

most evidence points to Texas

Why are facts important in persuasive essays?

They back up your points with evidence.

Did Galileo get married?

No. Historical evidence points to the fact that Galileo was gay.

Is there scientific evidence for a young earth?

Not really, almost all scientific evidence points to an Earth that is about 4.5 billion years old.

In what part of your speech should you discuss your main points and the evidence which supports them?

The body

Can you substitute an analogy for other kinds of evidence to support points of an argument?

An analogy can be persuasive, or it can help people to understand your argument, but it isnt EVIDENCE.

Is Justin Bieber or Joe Jonas better looking?

We cannot easily correct our defects and weak points as they are dyed deeply within us.

What is the importance of studying organizational behavior?

The study of organizational behavior allows you to understand how an organization operates. Once this is understood, then weak points in the system can be strengthened.

What is the sexual orientation of Shadoe Stevens?

No, all the evidence points to a rather dedicated womanizer.

Did they really go to the moon?

No competent evidence suggests that they did not, so all points to the fact that they did.

What are limitaions for using fingerprints as evidence?

To be sufficiently valid to be used as evidence the latent prints must contain within them a certain number of identifiable "points." If the lifted prints do not contain enough points they are not useable as evidence in court but, nonetheless, may be used as an investigative tool, helpful in narrowing down the suspect pool.

Can you tamper with evidence?

Not lawfully. Evidence of a crime points to the possible perpetrator. By tampering with it, you throw the investigation off-track, you can be charged with a criminal offense such as "Obstructing Justice."

Who were the artists that created the terra cotta army?

The extant evidence points to the origins being Chinese.

Where did hominids migrate from?

The evidence we have points to the ancestral home of the hominids as being the central highlands of Africa.

Is the vinland map real or fake?

Current evidence points it being a well-made forgery.

How do you calculate points in soccer teams psl?

In 99% of leagues, The points given are as follows: A win: 3 points A Draw(tie): 1 point A loss: 0 points Teams may be deducted points for extreme unsporting behavior off-field or if it is in 'administration', or unable to pay its debt.

Did Lizzie Borden have help?

There is absolutely no evidence that Lizzie Borden had an accomplice, and in fact, all evidence points to a single perpetrator, which of course was Lizzie herself, and only herself.

Who holds the record for the most points in a basketball game?

Wilt Chamberlain with 100 points. Sadly though he did so in a game that was not televised. So there is no video evidence but there are photo's.

What evidence points to the date of the appearance of the first oxygen-producing organisms?

iron oxides in rock

Did Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby know each other?

All evidence points to that they didn't.

What is the evidence for the movement of the continents?

Distances between points on separate continents can be measured accurately with modern satellites.