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RN licenses are for individuals to practice as registered nurses. WIthout RN licenses, nurses are not allowed to practice legally in hospitals by law.


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RN stands for Registered Nursing. A RN Certificate generally means that a applicant has passed the training and testing required to become a registered nurse.

To be rn trained is to go through nursing school or a nursing training course to become a certified nurse. An RN is a certified nurse. There are places all over the US that have RN training and schools to go to.

No. School is need because there is state licenses that are required and a hospital won't hire you without the proper credentials.

You should inquire the ministry of health to determine when you need to renew your Registered Nurse licenses. They are very important to keep validated.

Yes, registered nurses must be licensed. They must pass a national licensing examination, known as the NCLEX-RN, in order to obtain a nursing license.

A California RN can only be an RN in California. However, if that same RN was to get registered to be an RN in a different state, they could work there as well.

The top tier is RN, BSN or RN, BSN, MSN. It is also possible to be and RN with only an Associate Degree.

Use 'a' before a consonant such as a RN Use 'an' before a vowel such as EOE

Yes you can. there are colleges that offer the RN completion program for LPN to RN.

RN stands for Registered nurse

You can become a RN if you have herpes.

i don't know because i don't know what rn and LPN is but i htink this is right the difference is that the rn says rn and the LPN says LPN

An RN means that the person is a Registered Nurse.

Rn is the symbol for the noble gas, radon.

You have to have a specialized license and training to work as an RN.

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"How much does an RN get paid in Bakerfield California?" "How much does an RN get paid in Bakerfield California?"

RN stands for Registered Nurse

On twitter, "rn" means right now.

No, Rn is radon, which is a noble gas.

an RN has more training than an LPN but the RN is allowed to do more things than an LPN is.

Yes you have to have a licenes if u dnt how kan u become an rn

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