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Spraying apples at a grocery store with experimental medicines (Study Island)

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Q: What experiment would be considered unethical today?
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What experiment would be considered unethical?

Spraying apples at a grocery store with experimental medicines (Study Island)

Is nazi medical experiment data useful?

it would be were it not for the fact that it is unethical to use it (not that that gets in many people's way).

Why would kickbacks be considered an unethical practice?

Kickbacks could be considered unethical due to them being a type of financial reward for cooperation similar to a bribe. The party offering a kickback is in effect bribing the other party into cooperating.

How would you use Archimedes experiment today?

In the well.

Would Edward Jenner's experiment be allowed today?


Would it be considered a science experiment if you tried to fly?

Yes, I suppose you could call that a science experiment.

How much ammonium nitrate would be lethal to an adult?

Toxicity to Animals: Acute oral toxicity (LD50): 2217 mg/kg [Rat]. The LD50 [Human] is unknown as such an experiment would be unethical.

Why is it unethical to use a sources name that asked to be off record?

because to be considered a professional in your career, one should aim for certain standards and quality. to not uphold these things would be unethical. and an individual would be deemed untrustworthy and lose respect of his.her peers.

Is finding ice on mars a scientific experiment?

It would be considered a scientific discovery.

Three examples of unethical but legal behaviors?

three examples of behaviors that would probably be unethical but legal

Can you fake ethics?

Yes, but that would be unethical

Was it unethical for Deanna Troi to play poker given that she senses emotions?

It is only unethical if she actually uses her abilities during the game, and she would never do that. So no, it is not unethical for her to play poker.