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Q: What experimental procedures did J. Robert Oppenheimer devise?
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What is a sentence with the word devise?

i was devise with that

Is monitor a output devise or input devise?


A sentence for devise?

The group had to devise a plan, and fast!

A devise is a gift of money?

a devise is a gift of money

What part of speech is the word devise?

Devise is a verb.

How do you use both device and devise in a sentence?

Devise is the verb, while device is the noun. We will devise a device for that purpose.

What is a devise to break a curcuit?

which devise closes or breaks the circuit

Is a computer printer a input devise or ouput?

output devise

What is the past tense of devise?

The past tense of devise is devised.

How do you use devise in a sentence?

I will devise an effective plan for eliminating the pests.

How do you use the word devise in a sentence?

(verb - to design or plan) I will devise a plan to thwart the competition and rule the universe! I'm just not certain that the answer I would devise will be satisfactory. How did Eisenhower devise the plan for D-Day? Who will devise the next vise? (noun - legal clause) Harry left a devise in his will, leaving all his property to charity.

What does devise mean?

Devise means to construct, create, or elaborate on something. When used in the context of a plan, as in "devise a plan", it means "create a plan".

What was the first communication device?

what was the first communication devise what was the first communication devise

What is an input devise?

easy an input devise is a USB or universal serial bus

A sentence with the word devise?

We will devise a way to raise the money for the child's surgery.

Is devise a noun?

Yes, the word "devise" can be used as both a noun and a verb.

Difference between a device controller and a device driver?

Controller is part of the motherboard, for the devise, the driver runs the devise in the software end. Controller- allows the board to use devise. Driver- Allows windows to use devise.

Devise a method to find the volume of a cork?

devise a method to find the volume of a piece of cork

Could you use devise in a sentence?

She needed to devise a solution.He devised a way to tow cars.

What rhymes with revise?


What is a devise drive?

a car

What is a literacy devise?

a book

Is devise an abstract noun?

The noun 'devise' is an abstract noun as a word for the disposition of real property by will.The noun 'devise' is a concrete noun as a word for a will or clause in a will disposing of property.

What does the word devise mean?

TO contrive, plan, or elaborate; invent from existing principles or ideas: to devise a method.

What is a sentence for devise?

Katy can u please pass me the remote or devise so I can change the TV channel :-)