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What external governances are there in the Far East?

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I'm not sure that I completely understand your question, but let's see if I can help. Corporate governance, as you know, is the way in which a company is managed or overseen, including policies, law, institutions and the key players (such as the board of directors, stock holders and so on). There are essentially two types of corporate governance, internal and external. They're basically control mechanisms. Internal governance is the process of managing, accomplishing goals and influencing decision making from within an oraganization, while external refers to the power that outside shareholders or influences have or can exercise over a company. External governances in the Far East would for the most part be the same as anywhere else, takeovers, regulations, competition, etc. There are many emerging markets in the Far East, which would influence corporate governance (new laws, government incentives, higher barriers to entry to ward off competition).

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