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There are two factors that affect gas pressure. These factors are temperature and volume. Higher volume means lower pressure. Higher temperature means higher pressure.

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Q: What factors affect gas pressure?
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What are factors that affect gas pressure?

temperature and volume

What three factors affect gas pressure?

The factors that affect the particles, and thus pressure, of an enclosed gas are it's temperature, it's volume and the number of particles.

What factors affect the pressure of a gas in a container?

when you push down the pressure is higher

Which factors affect the pressure of an enclosed gas?

temperature, amount of gas, and volume

What are the 2 factors that affect gas preassure?

There are four factors that affect gas pressure. The ideal gas law enumerates them: Pressure = number of gas molecules * constant describing the particular gas's behavior * temperature of the gas / volume in which the gas is confined

What factors affect density of gas?

temperature, pressure, atomic number, nature of bond

What 3 factors affect the pressure of a gas in a closed container?

temperature, amount of gas, and volume PV=nRT

What factors affect gas exchange in humans?

The factors that affect gas exchange in humans include the amount of gases in the atmosphere. It also includes temperature, atmospheric pressure and ion concentrations.

What factors affect the rate of diffustion of one gas through another?

Some factors are:- temperature- pressure- molecular size- concentration

What are the three factors that affect gases?

amount of gas, temperature, and volume.Further answerI would add pressure to that.

How does the decreasing the gas volume affect the pressure of a gas?

The pressure increase.

What are the factors affect air pressure?

Three factors that affect air pressure are temperature, altitude, and water vapor.

What 3 factors affect the pressure of an enclosed gas?

→PV=nRT where P is the pressure, V the volume, n the amount of substance and T the

What three factors affect the pressure and volume of a gas in a closed container?

The pressure depends on the temperature and volume. The volume only depends on the capacity of the container. A gas takes all it can get.

4 factors that affect blood pressure?

There are four factors that affect the blood pressure. The things that can affect blood pressure are stress, genetics, a high salt intake, and exercise.

Can The amount of gas can affect the pressure of the gas?


Can you turn gas to a liquid?

Yes. The process of turning gas to liquid is called condensation. ============== Two factors affect the state of a gas -- pressure and temperature. In most cases, increasing pressure and/or reducing the gas temperature will cause a gas to turn into a liquid.

What are the factors that affect condensation?

Temperature and pressure.

What are the factors thet affect pressure?

The three main factors that affect pressure are altitude, temperature, and the existence of water vapor. All these factors work together to determine an increase or decrease in pressure.

How does reducing volume affect the pressure of a gas?

Reducing the volume will increase the pressure of the gas.

How does change in pressure affect the volume of a gas?

Increasing the pressure the volume of a gas decrease.

What are that factors that affect sensation?

There are at least 3 major factors that affect sensation. These 3 factors that affect sensation are pressure, temperature, and smell.

What are the factors that affect peer pressure?

Some factors that affect peer pressure are the age of the people along with the personality of the people. Other factors include society's influence.

How will pressure affect the volume of solids and gases?

pressure will not affect the volume of solids to the gases:The pressure increases, the gas volume will reduce; The pressure reduces , the gas volume will increase

What are 3 factors affect air pressure?

The factors are: -The volume that the air takes up (the greater the volume the less the pressure) -The amount/number of molecules of air (the more gas the higher the pressure) -The temperature (the higher the temperature the higher the pressure) and that's it lol