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What factors influence my development during adolescence?

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Good nutrition and active lifestyle.

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The stage of physical development during adolescence is called?

Puberty is a stage of physical development during adolescence.

Use adolescence in a sentence?

Adolescence is a time of hormonal imbalance in the body. Or During adolescence, there is overall personality development.

What is responsible adult?

The stage of physical development during adolescence is called

What is the most significant change in physical development during adolescence?


How does the influence of parents over their children change during adolescence?

at the age of adolescence children stop giving a dam and parents are out of the picture

The stage of human development during which a person develops the ability to reproduce is?


Who highlighted the major role cultural influences play in the amount of express adolescence?

Adolescence is defined as a line between childhood and adulthood. During adolescence they can handle life problems i.e. they can perform formal operations. Adolescence is the transitional stage of physical growth and psychological development that generally appears during the phase from puberty to legal adulthood.

What are some physical changes that occur during adolescence?

what are some of the physical changes that occur during adolescence

Which parenting style is least effective during adolescence?

A neglectful parenting style is least effective during adolescence.

Explain different aspects of delvelopment during adolescense?

Adolescence go through cognitive development, which is development of their brain and all thoughts. They also go through extreme physical development, characterized by growth spurts and puberty.

What skin infection caused by bacteria is common during adolescence?

Acne is a bacterial skin infection common during adolescence.

What are the release dates for Your Body During Adolescence - 1955?

Your Body During Adolescence - 1955 was released on: USA: 1955

When do peer relationships during the teen years have the most influence?

Peers have the most influence on important issues such as making decisions about post-secondary schools.

What condition did not influence the development of American agriculture during the first half of the nineteenth century?

A widespread of interest in conserving soil and natural resources did NOT influence the development of American agriculture during the first half of the 19th century.

What is the physical development in adolescence?

The physical development that takes place during adolescence/puberty is the growth of body hair in both females and males (pubic hair, underarm hair) and facial hair for men. Men also notice a change in their genitals. Women grow breasts and start having periods. Voices change during puberty and the female body develops into the curves that it has.

Can your metabolism speed up during adolescence?

Metabolism can speed up during adolescence. This is one of the times during a life cycle where the metabolism works faster.

During what years does adolescence occur?


Which gland atrophies during adolescence?


What are the three factors that weaken a hurricane during development?

Many factors may cause the development of a hurricane to weaken. Three factors are low sea surface temperature, high wind shear and making landfall.

What factors do not influence how much glucose a person uses during physical activity?


How did religion influence the development of Western European civilization during the middle Ages?

i don't kown

When is the nervous system most susceptible to damage by environmental factors during the development of the embryo?

during the cleavage stage

What is the period of physical change during adolescence?


What is the right age of sperm production?

During puberty (age of adolescence) which is not certain but starts at about the age of 13 depending on the person and other factors, such as the environment in which that person lives.

What 2 primary factors influence how much nitrogen you absorb during a dive?

time and air