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Hg is in the 12th group. It is a d block metal. It is a liquid in state.

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Q: What family or group does element mercury belongs to?
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The element mercury belongs to what family?

zinc, cadmium, mercury, and copernicium. This is the group 12 family of elements, and is the final transition metal group

Element Nitrogen belongs to what family?

Nitrogen belongs to Group 5 or Pnictogens

What is mercury's family number?

it belongs to group 12 or IIB

What family is the element of mercury in?

Mercury is a natural chemical element, metal, liquid, placed in group 12 (zinc group).

What element has 3 energy levels and belongs to the most unreactive group?

The element is 'argon' and belongs to noble gas family.

Ca belongs in which family?

The element Calcium belongs to is in the second group on the periodic table, which means that it belongs to the alkaline earth metal family.

What family does the element titanium belong to?

Titanium belongs to the titanium family, which is group 4 on the periodic table.

What other element is in the same family as hafnium?

Titanium belongs to same family as Hafnium. Both of them belongs to group-4.

Meitnerium belongs to what element family?

Group 9 of the periodic table

What element does helium belongs to?

group 18 or noble gas family

What family element belongs xenon?

Xenon is a noble gas. It belongs to noble gas family or group 18 on the periodic table.

What family does the element oxygen belong to?

it belongs to the non-metal family. group 6A also known as group 16