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Michael Vick, the world's greatest dog lover!

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Q: What famous athletes have overcome obstacles to become successful?
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What obstacles did Bill Cosby have to overcome?

Bill Cosby had to overcome racism in order to become a successful African American actor and comedian

What obstacles did this person have to overcome to become successful?

This cannot be answered, without knowing what specific person you are asking about.

Did Eddie Murphy have any challenges he had to overcome to get famous?

It's a challenge to get discovered as a celebrity to begin with, sooo yeah. In my mind, everyone has obstacles to over come to become successful

What would become the hallmark of Theodore Roosevelt's life?

This desire to overcome obstacles would become a hallmark of his life.

What obstacles must buddy and his friend overcome to make their gifts?

they must become very strong and good looking

What did Saint Elizabeth do to become a saint and what obstacles did she have to overcome?

There are several saints named Elizabeth so you need to be more specific if you wish a meaningful answer.

What obstacles did Venus Williams overcome?

The Williams sister were poor as children and the farther had to become there manager.As children life was for them wouldn't be as it it is now a days so nthey ad to overcome of how most people live these days. they had to overcome beeing poor they lived in a very rough naighbor hood.

Who is Jaden Yugi?

He is a duelist who has to overcome large obstacles to become the world's best duelist. In other words he is like yugi only with more confidence, more foolishness, and less patience.

What did Helen Keller have to overcome to become who she was?

she had to overcome her blindness

Does Michelle Obama have hardships in life?

Yes, Michelle Obama has faced hardships in her life. Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, she faced racial barriers and economic obstacles. Additionally, as First Lady, she faced intense scrutiny and criticism. However, she has overcome these challenges and become a successful lawyer, advocate, and influential figure.

What was phillis obstacles?

was to become poet

What percentage of high school athletes become professional athletes in California?