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Christina Applegate

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Q: What famous person went to pacoima middle school?
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Where did ritchie valens go to school?

Haddon Avenue Elementary and Pacoima Middle School

Who is the most famous person at Pat Neff Middle School?

in 2008-2009 it was chez Lopez

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Nobody famous.

What school did Justin bieber go to before he was famous?

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There is no such famous painting. Raphael's School of Athens has Michelangelo in the middle, but no Leonardo.

What famous people went to Wangenheim Middle School?

Adam Jared brody went to wagenhiem middle school and scrips ranch high school

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chinese burn.

Will middle school be hard?

Middle school can be hard at times. But it mostly depends on the person. If you are a perfect grade student then middle school may be not hard. If you are a person who likes to slack off and rarely pay attention in class then middle school may be a bit challenging for you.

Where coming the name of Benjamin Williams?

Benjamin Williams is a person who likes a person at coronado middle school and he is from coronado middle school and in 6th grade

Where did Justin Bieber go to school before he became famous?

moholand middle school in Canada

Did any famous people go to school?

yes EVERY famous person went to school i think

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no, you can be famous in other ways like, lets say you're famous in school