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think its mclaren

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Q: What faster a saleen S7 or a mclaren F1?
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Is a Mclaren F1 of A Saleen S7 better?

I would say the McLaren is better, because it has prooven it by wining the LeMans race several times in a row.

What are the five fastest cars in the world?

1.SSC Ultimate Aero 2.Bugatti Veyron 3.Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo 4.Koenigsegg CCX 5.McLaren F1

Which car is faster saleen or Lamborghini?

If you mean the Saleen s7, then the Saleen is faster than any current lamborghini production car. Faster to 60, Faster in the quarter mile, Faster top speed. The But it depends on which Saleen you are pitting against which Lamborghini...

Is the saleen S7 faster then a veryon?

no where near the saleen a7 puts out around 700 hp the veyron 1001hp

Which is faster saleen s7 or bugatti veyon?

A bugatti definetly. But not by too much, the Saleen can still easily crack the 200mph barrier.

How much does a Saleen S7 cost?

the saleen s7 costs close to $555,000. expensive huh?

Which car is better lamborghini or saleen s7?

LAMBORGHINI is way better than the saleen s7!

What brand is saleen S7 the car?

its made by saleen

Is the saleen s7 a ford?

no, it is Saleen's own creation.

The Saleen S7 was jointly developed by which three men?

The Saleen S7 was jointly developed by Steve Saleen, Ray Mallock Ltd., and Phil Frank. Hidden Creek Industries also had a play in the development Of the Saleen S7.

What is a Saleen S7?

The Saleen S7 is an American supercar, which can go over 240 mph. It has a twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The Saleen company was founded by Steve Saleen.

How fast is the 2009 Saleen S7 twin turbo?

the max a Saleen s7 can go is 250 mph