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The Sort feature.

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Q: What feature used to rearrange data sequence in Excel?
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Which is the new Excel feature that cuts your PivotTables into fine data segments?

This feature is called Excel Slicers. See related links.

What sequence would sort data from lowest to highest in Excel?

Answer======> Ascending

Which Excel feature can be utilized to only allow the input of certain data such as dates times or numbers?

Validation is the feature that can limit what is entered into cells in Excel.

What Excel feature you can use to if you want to work with one record at a time?

Excel provides a data form feature that can allow you to work with one record at a time.

Which Excel feature is used to break a data field into separate columns?

Convert Tet to Columns

Does the sort feature have to be applied before the filter on Microsoft Excel?

No, not necessarily. You can filter on a list of data that is not sorted.

What excel 2007 feature lets you easily work with your data to filter and sort data using column list arrows?

table style

What Excel feature replicates or continues data in a series of numbers number and text combinations dates or time periods based on a pattern that you establish?

The Fill feature can do that.

What is the Excel feature that allows the Excel data sheet to be broken into different columns?

Use the Text to Columns option.Select the column where you have the data you want to split.Go to Data, Text to Columns.Select Delimited.Ensure that the comma checkbox is activated.Select a destination cell (default is current cell).Click Finish.

When you data from Access to Excel a copy of the data is created in Excel?

You can copy data from Access and paste it directly into Excel. From a table or query, data can be selected and then copied and pasted into Excel. In that case, data changing in the original Access file will not change data in the Excel file. To do that there must be a link between the data. You can also import data from Access into Excel and from Excel into Access, again maintaining a link to the source if you want.

When you copy data from an Excel file and paste it into a Word document which office feature is being used?

You can be using the clipboard where the data is being stored during the process. Depending on how you paste it, you might also use the Paste Link option, so that if data changes in the Excel document, it will update it in Word.

What feature of Excel works behind the scenes correcting common mistakes?

Autocorrect can do it and you can also set up Data Validation for cells.