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Arteries "feed" the capillaries while veins drain the capillaries.

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What is the smallest blood vessel that feeds the cells?

Capillaries. It is only one cell thick (adaptation for diffusion)

Where does systemic circulation go?

Systemic circulation goes to the body. It is the oxygenated blood that feeds the body organs via capillaries.

Capillaries that have a complete lining are called?

continuous capillaries continuous capillaries

What so capillaries do in cells?

Capillaries do not occur in cells.Capillaries are larger than cells, indeed capillaries are made of cells.Capillaries are the smallest blood vesicles.

How do lymphatic capillaries differ from blood capillaries?

lymphatic capillaries are very permeable Lymphatic capillaries have valves that keep fluid from flowing backward. The blood capillaries are regulated by smooth muscle. Lymphatic capillaries are also a but larger than blood capillaries.

How do lympathtic capillaries differ from blood capillaries?

Lymphatic capillaries have a greater and more variable diameter than blood capillaries.

How do lymphatic capillaries differ from capillaries?

the end blindly in terminal lymphatic capillaries

Which veins open up into the capillaries?

plmonary veins begin as capillaries and end as capillaries

What are basal feeds?

Basal feeds are feeds made to supply energy to the animals

What Are sites of exchange between blood and tissue?

Capillaries are the sites of exchange between blood and tissue.capillariesCapillariesOccurs in the capillaries via diffusion.

What is the past tense of feeds?

there is no past tense for feeds, because the word feeds is a noun

Are lymphatic capillaries more permeable than blood capillaries?

Yes, lymphatic capillaries are more permeable.

Capillaries connect what?

Capillaries connect small arteries to small veins. Capillaries are the site of gas exchange.

Are fenestrated capillaries more permeable than continuous capillaries?

Yes, because fenestrated capillaries have holes.

Why does diffusion happen in capillaries?

how does diffusion happen in the capillaries

How do you lymphatic capillaries differ from blood capillaries?

Lymphatic capillaries carry lymph fluid while blood capillaries carry blood. Otherwise they run side by side.

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