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Right ring finger

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Q: What finger do you wear a ring to let people know your single?
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What is the proper ring finger for a single man?

He can wear a ring on any finger he wants as long as it does not look like a wedding ring.

Why do people wear a wedding ring on the middle finger?

They dont they use there RING finger

What finger do you wear class ring on?

well freind, you can wear it on about every finger except for your thumb, but most people choose to wear it on their ring finger, a freind i know wears her ring on her pinky, so whatever looks best to you will do : ).

What does it mean when a woman wears a diamond ring on her right ring finger?

Answer Well as far as I know it means nothing unless there is some religion or culture that I am not familiar with that does that. For a long time I wore a diamond ring that was my grandmother's on my right ring finger. It was amazing the number of people who thought I was married. I thought it was fairly common knowledge that in the US the wedding ring/engagement ring goes on the left ring finger. Some women just like diamond rings and they will wear them on the right ring finger if they are single. After a divorce or the death of their husband, some women wear their wedding rings on their right ring finger.

What finger should single men wear a ring on?


What hand and finger do single males were ring?

Usually your right hand and really any finger.

Why do people wear their wedding rings on their ring finger?

People wear their wedding finger on their left handed ring finger because its the only finger with a vein connecting to their heart(:

Is wearing a ring on your ring finger bad luck?

Not necessarily bad luck, but if you are a single person it might inhibit your social life. A ring on the "ring finger" signals that you are married, no matter the style of ring.

How does gold get from the ground to the ring of your finger?

I really do not know people im just trying to figure that out

Is index finger also ring finger?

No, the index finger is the first finger while the ring finger is the third, although some people do wear rings on it as well as the ring finger. Answer: The index finger is the "pointer" finger, the one next to your thumb. The "ring" finger is two over, next to your pinky. Of course, you can wear a ring on whichever finger it fits on.

Which hand and finger is used for a wedding ring?

Left hand, ring finger. That's why it's called the ring finger. :) (If you don't know which finger that is, if you're looking at your left hand, it's the second finger from the left.)

Is the pinky finger the weakest finger?

For some people, yes. Other people claim the ring finger is the weakest finger.

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