What finger is next to the index finger?


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If you hold you hands palms down in front of your body, then next to the index finger, towards the center of the body, is the thumb.

Next to the index finder, towards the outside of the body, is the middle finger, or digitus medius.


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it is called the index finger.

Your forefinger is your pointer or index finger. It is the finger next to your thumb.

No, the index finger is the first finger while the ring finger is the third, although some people do wear rings on it as well as the ring finger. Answer: The index finger is the "pointer" finger, the one next to your thumb. The "ring" finger is two over, next to your pinky. Of course, you can wear a ring on whichever finger it fits on.

The "INDEX" (the finger next to the thumb) is the most sensitive finger.

On one's hand, the finger placed closest to the thumb is the index finger.

No, the index finger is next to the thumb. Then the middle finger. Then the ring finger. Then the little finger, sometimes called pinky. no its the one between the middle finger and the thumb. The one you point it.

index finger (if that's the one next to your pinkie)

The index finger is between your thumb and middle finger.

It is called your Index finger. Other names for that digit are: digitus secundus manus, pointer finger, and forefinger.

There is no scientific name for the width of the index finger. The name index finger literally means pointing finger.

It goes on the index finger because the index finger is the only finger that has a tendon connected to the heart

'To index' is to point out or to show something, so the finger with which you point out or showsomething is called the index finger, or just another way of calling it is the pointer finger.

is the index finger lateral to the ring fingers

Finger next to the thumb, i.e. To the immediate right of the thumb on your right hand To the immediate left of the thumb on your left hand

That depends on which finger you mean. The finger inbetween your index finger and your ring finger is your middle finger. The finger to the far left and far right of each hand (respectively) is your pinky.

you dont shoot with your index finger

An index is to be found at the back of a book and will tell you which pages certain items that may be found in the book. An indix may also be an 'index' finger - this refers to the finger next to the thum on either hand.

No.. the index finger does not have a pulse... for this reason, when feeling for a person's pulse, you use your middle finger and your index finger (you never use your thumb as it has a pulse)

Index finger on Bb, thumb on C, index finger on D, middle finger on Eb, thumb on F, index finger on G, middle finger on A and ring finger on Bb.

for pro: your index and middle finger, for beginners: index finger , middle finger & ring finger

We call that the Index finger. Most likely it was given this title due to the fact that we utilize it for pointing and it is most dominate finger utilized when searching documents, lists, information and indexes. It is also the first finger we use when searching through files. Thus, the "index" finger.

On males the ring finger is generally longer than the index finger, while on females, the index finger is generally longer than or equal to the ring finger.

holding your middle finger ang your index finger up at the same time means the middle finger in french!!

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