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Q: What fish eat angelfish?
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Related questions

What do angelfish eat in the ocean?

Angelfish eat other fish.

What fish eats angelfish?

Bigger fish eat angelfish such as catfish.

What do whales and krill eat?

angelfish eat smaller fish and plankton,but what eat's angelfish

What kinds of predators eat emperor angelfish?

Larger fish eat emperor angelfish.

What fish do angelfish eat?

They will eat baby guppies.

What do angelfish eat in the wild?

Angelfish eat algae, some coral, smaller fish, brine shrimp. Angelfish are omnivores.

What do WILD angelfish eat?

Angelfish eat algae, some coral, smaller fish, brine shrimp. Angelfish are omnivores.

What does an angelfish get eaten by?

by larger fish that eat smaller fish

Will angelfish eat neon tetras?

Most larger fish, including adult angelfish, will eat small fish such as neon tetras. So yes, eventually, angelfish may eat neon tetras.

What kind of fish do squid eat?

Squid eat angelfish and some eat clown fish.

Do angelfish eat zebra fish?

Angelfish are optomistic omnivores, and may eat very small fish of any kind. If it can fit in the mouth, its not safe.

What fish parent will eat the guppies?

golden angelfish

What types of fish eat minnows?


Do guppies eat angelfish?

They can not eat live grown angel fish.

Do fish eat ants?

Some tropical fish (such as angelfish) do eat insects, but you should not feed them to a betta fish

What eats blue angelfish?

Other fish, birds sharks, and mammals eat blue angelfish

What fish can you keep with angelfish and neon tetra?

I would not reccomend putting angelfish and neon tetras together because angelfish eat any fish 1" and smaller :)

What kind of fish do jellyfish eat?

angelfish,clown fish. mostly the fish around that's tiny

What kind of fish do bears eat?

Bears eat any kind of fishEXAMPLE:seal and angelfish

What do blue angelfish eat?

Blue Angel fish eat squid, shrimp or mussels.

Will betta fish live with silver sharks guppies angelfish?

bettas will attack guppies angelfish will eat guppies

How do angelfih eat there food?

Angelfish are naturally carnivorous. They feed on worms, and shrimps. Angelfish are fresh water fish.

What kinds of fish are compatible with angelfish?

There are not many fish that are compatible with Angelfish. Only Angelfish are truly compatible with Angelfish.

What is the angelfish?

The angelfish is a breed of fish.

Are angelfish peaceful?

Angelfish are relatively peacfull but you need to remember that they are a fairly large cichlid and they will hunt and eat small fish.