What fish is compatible to live with platys?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What fish is compatible to live with platys?
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Can you mix bettas with platys?

Yes! Betta fish and Platys are a compatible fish.

What fish are compatible with guppies other than mollies and platys?


Can platys and guppies live with a fighter fish?

guppys, not. not sure bout the others

How long does it take for Mickey Mouse Platys to lay eggs?

Mickey Mouse Platys don't lay eggs. They give birth to live fish.

Platys in a fish bowl?

No, They need oxygen in the water to live, and space to swim around.

Is there any fish that give birth to its young?

In an aquarium environment live birthing fish are Mollies, Guppies, and Platys.

I would love to get fish that would mate. Which fish mate the most?

To my knowledge, live bearers! Have fun! ;)

Are platy s live breeders?

Platys are "live bearers" which means that their young are born as fish directly out of the mother, as opposed to those fish that hatch from eggs outside of the mother.

Is it possible for a gourami to mate with a platy and get pregnant?

no. fish can only mate with fish of the same species. Gouramis mate with gouramis and platys mate with platys.

Can a platys have live birth?

Platies always have live birth, but occasionally a fish will be born just after hatching inside it's mom and will still have a bit of eggshell.

Why are your platys swimming at the top gulping air They have ammolock stability and prime in there which we put in because of ammonia but there can't be any left so why are they still up there?

Platys are not mid water or bottom fish they are like guppies live at the top