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The lionfish and the triggerfish are predators of the raccoon fish. The raccoon fish will typically live 5 to 7 years in captivity.Ê

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What is the relationship between a raccoon and a fish?

It is a predator!

When a raccoon eats a frog which animal is the prey?

The frog is the prey and the raccoon is the predator.

Is a raccoon a prey predator or a scavenger?

A raccoon is a savanger! A raccoon can be all three. It is a prey when another animal is hunting it, like dogs and such. It is a predator when it is killing birds, or small mammal's, and it is a scavenger when it is eating other predators leftovers.

Is a trigger fish a predator?

yes a trigger fish is a predator.

How does a raccoon interact with other animals?

If the animal is small the raccoon will kill and eat it. If it is larger and a potential predator the raccoon will flee, usually up a tree.

Is a raccoon a prey producer consumer predator or combination?

Raccoons are both prey and predator as well as a consumer.

What predator eats a raccoon?

Cougars, wolves, coyotes, bobcats, jaguars, alligators and other animals eat raccoon.

Is a shark a predator to a clown fish?

yes a shark is a predator to a clown fish.

Can a predator take a raccoon and leave it's paw on a tree?


What is a predator to a Siamese fighting fish?

Any fish-eating fish large enough to eat one is a predator.

Does raccoon eat fish?


Is the brown pelican a predator?

If it eats fish it is a predator.

When a racoon eats a frog which animal is the prey?

The frog is the prey, the raccoon is the predator.

Is a golden eagle a raccoon predator?

A golden eagle could take a young raccoon but an adult would probably be too heavy for them to carry.

Is the raccoon the highest predator in its ecosystem?

No, there are other predators above the raccoon including wolves, coyotes, cougars, jaguars, bobcats and alligators or caimans.

What is the predator of a small fish?

larger fish

What is the predator of fire fish?

bigger fish

How do you get rid of a raccoon that is eating your fish?

You could put a fence around your pond, just high enough so that you can get in but the raccoon can not . Or you do it the other way, which is to keep your fish out of the pond until the raccoon goes away.

Can a raccoon eat a trout?

If a raccoon is able to catch a trout, or any fish, it will certainly eat it.

What is a predator of a ice fish?

Another ice fish.

What is the angelfish predator?


Are clown fish predator or prey?

Clown fish are a easy predator because they mainly swim out around their eggs.

What is a penguins predator and its prey?

A pengiuns prey is fish. its predator is sharks.

Is a raccoon most likely a predator or a prey?

Considering the number of small animals, vertebrate and invertebrate, consumed by raccoons, they are definitely the main predator here.

Would a raccoon eat a catfish?

Yes, fish are often found in the diet of a raccoon, including catfish.

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