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trail? and avail





hails and.... bails, bales, mails, males, scale, suede..... looks to be quite a few

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Q: What five letter word has the same vowel sound as the 'a' in 'whale' that is not 'plane' or 'quail' or 'sail'?
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Does quail have the same vowel sound as rain?

Yes. Both words have a long A sound (ay) from the AI vowel pair.

Is a in the word plane a short vowel sound?

No, it is the long a sound.

What is the schwa vowel sound in?

An example of the schwa vowel sound is the sound the letter a makes in the word "about".

Does bunk have a short vowel sound?

Yes, it is a short vowel sound. The long vowel sound for the letter u is when it's pronounced "you;" the short vowel sound for the letter u is when it's pronounced "uh," like in this word.

What is the A vowel sound as whale and the question is it flies in the sky?


Is plane a short a sound word?

No, it is not. The way to remember is if the vowel says its name, then it's a long vowel sound. In the world "plane," the A says its name. On the other hand, the word "plan" is a short vowel sound. You can see this with other words too: pine (long vowel-- the "i" says its name), but "pin" is a short vowel sound.

What letter is a consonant but has a vowel sound?

The letter Y can be a consonant or a vowel. It is sometimes called a semi-vowel.

Five letter word which flies in the sky with vowel sound same as in whale?


Does the word sun have a vowel sound?

The letter "U" in "sun" has a short U vowel sound.

Is toad long or short vowel sound?

Toad has a long vowel sound from the letter o.

Does child have a vowel?

Child has one vowel, the letter i. It has a long vowel sound in child.

Does bottle have a long vowel sound?

No, it does not. The mnemonic that might help is that the sound of a long vowel is the vowel's name. The words crow and note have the long vowel sound of the letter O.

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