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The Japanese flag.

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Q: What flag has one red spot on it?
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Why is Japan's flag white with a red spot?

It represents the "Land of the Rising Sun"

What 2 colors form the Japanese Flag?

red and white it has a white background and a red spot in the middle

What is one of the colours on the canada's flag?

Their are two colors on the Canadian Flag. One is white. One is red.

How many red stripes are there on the flag?


Which flag has blue white red stripes and red star?

The flag with blue, white, and red stripes and one star is Cuba.

What does a gale warning flag look like?

A gale warning flag looks like two red triangle flags. One red flag is placed above the other red triangle flag.

Is their more than one red stripe on the us flag?

yes, there are 7 red stripes on the U.S. flag

What colors and symbols on the japan flag symbolize?

The big red spot represents the sun rising on a new nation.

What does red stand for on Madagascars flag?

Madagascar's flag is three bars, a vertical white one for purity, a red one extending from the white one for sovereignty, and a green on under the red one for hope.

What flag has a maple leaf on it?

The Canadian Flag has a red vertical stripe followed by a thicker white one, and then another red one. On the white stripe there is a red maple leaf.

What are the colors on the canadian flag?

The colours on the Canadian flag are red and white. There are two vertical red bars, one the right and one on the left side of the flag. In the middle is a larger white bar containing a red maple leaf.

Do Pluto have any red spot?

No it dose not have one.

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