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Q: What flower is native in Korean?
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When was Native Korean Rock created?

Native Korean Rock was created in 2008.

What is the Korean word for flower?


What is Spain's native flower and plant?

The flower flower

What is The significance of the hibiscus flower?

It means 'immortality' in Korean. The Korean word is 'mugung'.

How do you say flower in Korean?

꽃 ggot

Native Mexican flowerswhat is a native Mexican flower that starts with d?

What is the flower Dahlia.

Is the hibiscus flower the native flower of Hawaii?

Yes the Hibiscus is very native to Hawaii

What is a Native of Seoul called?

A Korean.

What is the white flower native to the alps?

The vaginous Flower

What is joyanne in Korean?

in Korean we say Jo-ee-an and same as in orange: or-ren-gee ice cream: i-ice-ck-eem but flower isn't. flower is :ckot

What is Korean national flower?

It is the sharon flower, because Korea's national tree is the sharon tree

How do you say 20 in Korean?

in native korean, it is seumul, pronounced /suhmool/, while in sino- korean it is sip, pronounced/sheep/