What fluids can be used to measure temperature?


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The most common are Mercury and alcohol. Mercury is being phased out because it is toxic. Alcohol thermometers are used to replace the old mercury thermometers.

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You can measure fluids in beakers, graduated cylinders or liquid measuring glasses. It depends on what you're measuring and why.

The standard temperature used to measure solubility is 25 °C .

Thermometer is used to measure temperature of human

Viscosity is a measure of a fluids ability to flow.

Yes, "thermometers" are instruments used to measure the temperature of things.

Gallons and liters are most often used to measure volume as related to fluids.

It is used to measure temperature.

In the United states what scale is used to measure air temperature?

the instrument used in measuring temperature is thermocouple

Air temperature measures the amount of heat that is in the air. Thermometers are used to measure air temperature.

as a measure of temperature.

You use the thermometer to measure temperature.

There are many reasons why degrees are used to measure temperature. Degrees were coined by someone with the best idea.

It is still used to measure temperature.

it is used to measure pressure and as well as calibrated to measure temperature

it is used to find the temperature in furnace and also in industry's

Temperature and heat (as a energy) are different notions.Heat is measured in joules, temperature in kelvins.

The unit used for measure temperature is the kelvin

Any element can be used to measure temperature.

A thermometer is used to measure air temperature, or the temperature within a solid or liquid.

In the SI system of measurement used to measure the temperature of Celsius.

kelvin, celsius, and fahrenheit are used when you want to measure the temperature of something.

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