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the Flute is the azure flute

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Q: What flute do you use in Pokemon platinum to catch arceus?
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What is the strongest Pokemon you can catch in platinum?

Is Arceus. To catch it, you got to get an azure flute

Pokemon platinum how to catch Arceus?

The only way to catch Arceus in Pokemon Platinum is by using the Azure Flute or cheating. The Azure Flute is an event item that sadly was never distributed. This means the only way to catch Arceus is by cheating.

What is the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Giritina unless you get the azure flute event and catch arceus

When is the event to catch Arceus in pokemon platinum?

There is no event where you can catch Arceus, you just interact him in the Hall of Origin, but you need to blow on the Azure Flute

In Pokemon platinum what do you do after you catch heatran?

if you have the azure flute but dont have him you could go to spear pillar and catch arceus

How do you cach Arceus in Pokemon platinum?

the flute

How do you catch a wild Arceus in Pokemon Platinum Version?

You need to get the azure flute by wi fi event

Can you still catch arceus after you battle Giratina on pokemon platinum?

as long as you haven't beat it yet and you have the azure flute, you can.

Can you catch Arceus in platinum?

You can catch Arceus in Pokemon Platinum Version, but only by obtaining it through a Nintendo event, unless a Gameshark or Action Replay is involved. Legitimately, the event gives you an Azure Flute when you talk to the green person next to a Pokemart in any town, and when the flute is used at Spear Pillar you can fight and catch Arceus.

When is the Pokemon platinum azure flute date?

there is no azure flute but you can get arceus November 7-15.

How do you catch Palkia on Pokemon platinum?

go threw the place and find him at the last part same with arceus but need arzura flute

Will someone give you an Arceus on Platinum?

You can catch Arceus in Platinum with the Azure Flute which is obtainable through Official Nintendo Events but otherwise, you will not usually be able to get an Arceus from someone.

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