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times new Roman bold hope this helps

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Q: What font does the daily mail use?
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What font is the 'Daily Mail' written in for the Daily Mail newspaper?

Old English

What font does the daily telegraph use?

Comic Sans

Where can you get yesterdays daily mail quick crossword?

In yesterday's daily mail.

When was Daily Mail created?

Daily Mail was created on 1896-05-04.

When did The Rand Daily Mail end?

The Rand Daily Mail ended in 1985.

When was Zambia Daily Mail created?

Zambia Daily Mail was created in 1970.

When was The Rand Daily Mail created?

The Rand Daily Mail was created in 1902.

When was Hull Daily Mail created?

Hull Daily Mail was created in 1885.

What font is used in Fiat?

hot mail

When was Irish Daily Mail created?

Irish Daily Mail was created in 2006-02.

Why are the words daily mail capitalized?

Daily Mail should only be capitalized when referring to the newspaper title. When talking about a daily mail delivery, for example, it shouldn't be capitalized.

How can one subscribe to the Daily Mail newspaper?

You can subscribe to the Daily Mail newspaper online at the Daily Mail UK website. Once on the page, you can subscribe to the newspaper online directly to your email.

Is the daily mail a proper noun?


How do you make mail inbox font larger on AOL 9.7?

How do i make the font size bigger in aol 9.7

What font do the ny giants use?

the font they use is Britanic Bold

Is the daily mail a common noun?

In the term 'daily mail', the word 'daily' is an adjective describing the noun 'mail'.The term 'daily mail' functions as a compound, common noun, a general term for the postal service delivery that occurs every day.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing; for example the Daily Mail newspaper published in London or the Charleston Daily Mail published in Charleston, WV.

What font does ghost adventures use?

the font is the font begins in b and has astar in it and ends with d

What font does chase bank use for their logo?

font:(zekton) this is no the font chase use but is rally similar

What font do the New York Mets use?

The mets use calbria font

How can you put daily in a sentence?

the daily mail came today

How do you change the font of letters in gmail chats?

Font can be changed while sending the email. There is an A button at the bottom. It marks the font size and type for sending the mail.

Where can you get answers to quick crossword daily mail for 19th April?

In the Daily Mail of 20th April.

Who is the editor of the daily mail?

Paul Michael Dacre is the current editor (Nov 2011) of the UK newspaper The Daily Mail.

What font do the vimto logo use?

Juicy Font

What font does Glock use?

Probably a generic font.