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What food do islamics eat?

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they eat all kind of food but their is some is forbidden from allah

blood , pork , alcohol "or any thing make you lose your brain "

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Can islamics eat and drink during fasting?

No, that's what Ramadan is for, you cant eat or drink from Dawn, to the near end of daytime.

When do islamics celebrate new years?

Islamics Celebrate New Year On November 15th .

What does islamics eat?

I think you mean what do MUSLIMS eat lol um they eat whatever their region eats...its not like they only eat "religious food" the only things they can't eat are carnivorous land/sky animals and piggies. I don;t think that needs justification LOL piggies are cute and animals that eat meat taste bad naturally :) hope this helps lol :) :) :) :) :)

When do islamics fast?

During the month of Ramadhan.

What did the islamics wear?

They wear the Islamic Hijab

Islamics must take this trip at least once in their lifetime to this Holy city?

islamics must take a trip to kabba at macca atleast onca in their lifetime.

Who invented the sword?

the ancient Islamics invented the sword

What is the name for the islamics religion?

MUSLIMS are followers of the religion ISLAM

Who do Islamics believe in?

they believe allah the one and only god

Where does our body get its energy form?

From the food we eat.From the food we eat.From the food we eat.From the food we eat.

What rhymes with genetics?

pathetics, athletics, wetex, islamics,semiticshermetics

What kind of food do Hispanics eat?

Hispanics eat food that Americans would eat but mostly eat food from their culture.

What country has the largest number of Islamics?

The Country is Indonesia. It has roughly 183,000,000 Muslims in it

What food does a rose eat?

They do not eat food. They prepare food by photosynthesis

Do shrimp eat food?

Yes they do eat food says me Abbyy :] hahah.

What does Poland eat?

food? what food do they eat in america?

What food do Ramadans eat?

What food do I eat in Ramadan

Why do you eat multicultural food?

i you eat food you are a poo

What food did they eat in Warsaw?

What food do they eat inWarsaw

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