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What food do they eat in Portugal?

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fish, peri peri chicken and salads mostly with fruit

It varies, some people eat traditional food and some eat McDonalds, just like everywhere else. Portugal might have some traditional culture dishes but you might not eat that all the time.

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What kind of food do the people eat in Portugal?

they eat lots of fish and a lot of cabbage

What kind of food do they eat in Portugal?

They eat soup, fish and meat, like beef.

Most popular food in Portugal?

I think sea food is most popular in Portugal but I might be wrong.

What do people in Portugal eat?

they eat lots of fish!

What do people do for fun in Portugal?


What foods are eaten in Portugal?


What food is most famous in Portugal?

I am Portuguese and in Portugal I see a lot of foreigners eating codfish. It is really good (in my opinion). But there is no "most famous" food here in Portugal. Hope this helps.

What is a traditional food that Portugal people eat for Christmas?

My entire family are portugal people, and every year we eat stray cats, they're cheap and fun to eat!! My gradmother always used to cut all the hair off and then boil it in some form of meat scauce, although gravy will do just fine. Merry Christmas!

What is COMES in Portugal?

"Comes" is either the 2nd person of the singular of the verb "to eat" ("comer") - that is: "tu comes"="you eat", or a popular designation for food. It's typical to have the sign "Comes e Bebes" which would translate as "food(s) and beverage(s)".

What do people eat for breakfast in Portugal?


What do people in Portugal eat for breakfast?

Bread :)

What fruit do they eat in Portugal?

People of Portugal tend to eat fruits such as cherries, strawberries, peaches, apricots, grapes and pomegranates. They will eat fruit that grows during the specific seasons of the year.

What food does Portugal produce?

poops and poops

What are some popular food dishes in Portugal?

Here's a list of just a few delicious sounding traditional dishes from Portugal: They tend to eat a lot of things like pig's feet and tripe (intestine) in a variety of stews and other dishes.

Where does our body get its energy form?

From the food we eat.From the food we eat.From the food we eat.From the food we eat.

What is the national food of Portugal?

The national food of Portugal is Cod fish. The country is known for their stew made of pork, beef, or chicken with carrots, cabbage, and rice.

Does Portugal produce any food?

Portugal produces cod fish, sardines, crab, and much more

What do people in Portugal eat for lunch?

Well I'm Portuguese and Portuguese people like to eat quick meals like traditional food and one of then are snails baby snails we don't eat the shells but some people like it and others don't

What are the top 5 foods of Portugal?

I like food :)

Traditional food in Portugal?

peri peri chicken

Which country's most popular food is bacalho?


The major food exporter of Eastern Europe?


What food is originally from Portugal?

Tempura Madeira cake

What kind of food do Hispanics eat?

Hispanics eat food that Americans would eat but mostly eat food from their culture.

What type of fish do Portugal eat?

Cod fish and sardines