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Chinese Food

What food is produced in China?

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Where silk produced?


Is meat produced in china?


How are beats by dre headphones produced?

They are mass produced in a factory in China.

Does china have a special food?

China don't really have a special food? Since China have lot's of yummy food! Does this help?

Where was the Xbox produced?

microcoft in china

Where is pineapples produced today?


What accomplishments was Assyria known for?

They were known for the food they produced They were known for the food they produced

What food product is produced by photosynthesis?

Glucose, is the "food product" produced by photosynthesis.

Which country produced highest rice in the world in 2007?

China produced the most.

In which country maximum wheat is produced?


Why is silk mainly produced in china?


Is royal norfolk china distributed by greenbrier international made in china?

no it is produced in norfolk

What is the main food of china?

The main food of China is rice. This serves as the staple food in the country as a result of the high production rate of rice in southern China.

Food produced without pesticides or artificial fertilizers?

Food produced in this way is called "organic".

Is rice the food of China?

Rice is an important food in China, especially in the Southern part. It can't really be called the "food of China" since it is a grain that is easily accessible mainly in Southern China. In Northern China, they usually serve more bread-like food. But rice still has come to represent Chinese food.

What would happen if you removed the chlorophyll from the chloroplast from a plant cell?

No food will be produced. So no energy will be produced

How should products be produced in China?

franchizing :D

Which country produces Panama hats?

They are produced in China!

What are the most produced products in China?

Beef Jerky

In which country most cosmetic products are produced?


How much waste is produced in china?

Alot of waste.

Which country produced the most sulfur dioxide?


How much energy is produced in china?

As much as it makes.

When were cannons mass produced?


What country produced most steel in the world?


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