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What food must owls eat?


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I believe owls are carnivores. I don't know if they all are, but around here, if you have young cats, you don't want to leave them out at night! I know the ones around here hunt mice, rats, small mamals, other birds, maybe snakes. What ever is active at night, since they are nocturnal. owls also eat rabits and other owls. Yes, Owls do eat Snakes and other small reptiles. I have something to add though. most owls do eat field mice, rats, small mammals, and small birds. they also eat frogs and small snakes. they also eat moles, rabbits, shrews, voles, pocket gopher (very small gophers), crane flies, earthworms, centipedes, larva, salamanders, house mice, spiders, starling (a bird), spiders, this stuff is mostly all owls but in particular barn owl's and this information is coming from my school so i am pretty sure this is correct. but i am pretty sure owls dont eat other owls unless they are babies and are starveed