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What foods do Japanese people eat for dinner?

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Why do Japanese eat their dinner at night?

Japanese people eats their dinner at night with chopsticks or spoon and fork as if like normal people do! Clear?

What do Japanese people eat for Lunch and Dinner?

rice and soy sauce?

What do Scottish people eat for dinner?

Scottish people eat a wide variety of foods for their dinner. Traditional offerings include haggis, mashed turnips, and Angus roast.

What foods are Japanese people not allowed to eat?

Japanese people in general can eat anything. its normally your religion which forbids you from eating something, not your ethnicity

What foods do Japanese people eat on national foundation day?

they eat what eva you want to

What do poor people in Japan eat?

Japanese foods of course! (but I do not know what kind of Japanese food)

What do Japanese eat for Christmas dinner?

They eat pig

What foods do Japanese people eat on special occasions?

they mostly eat rice balls and sengui

What foods do Japanese people eat on Christmas?

KFC NO JOKE ABOUT THAT they eat this certain type of cake

Do traditional Japanese families eat together?

yes they do. Of the 95% of Japanese that eat three meals a day, most people consider dinner to be the most important. More than 80% of them usually have dinner at home with their families.

What utencils do Japanese people use?

The Japanese often use chopsticks to eat, though forks and knives are often used to eat Western foods.

What foods did people eat for dinner in 1940?

Meatloaf, roast, chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, bread

Do the Japanese eat Chinese food?

Japanese people probably do eat Chinese food. Chinese and Japanese foods have similarities that suggest that they developed some foods together. Both cultures have access to the other's food, but would consider it international.

How do say did you eat your dinner already in Japanese?


Why does people eat dinner?

People eat dinner because they are hungry or are used to eating it.

When do Japanese eat sushi?

They either eat as dinner or lunch rarely as breakfast.

What do Japanese eat every day?

In the 21st century, virtually the same foods as people in the US do; fast foods and pizza, etc.

What did the Japanese eat?

All the foods you eat, but mainly rice.

What food did the Japanese people eat during World War 2?

non cookable foods

What foods do Ireland eat in breakfast lunch and dinner?


How do you say you eat dinner in Japanese?

anata wa itadakimasu

Do Japanese eat live scorpions for Christmas dinner?

yes they do

What do they eat in Japan for Christmas?

Various foods are eaten for Christmas in Japan. There is a curious tradition in which Japanese people eat KFC on Christmas.

What cuisine does the Minado restaurant offer?

Minado offers an all one can eat Japanese buffet for lunch and dinner daily. Minado offers a wide selection of sushi, as well as hot and cold Japanese/Asia foods.

What else do french people eat?

French people eat a variety of foods. They eat fruits, vegetables, meats, and dessert. Breakfast is often a pastry, or cereal. Lunch and dinner are longer meals with many options.

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