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What foods should a pregnant woman avoid?


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You should try avoiding sugar, try some splendor instead. You should definitely avoid caffeine. Try to avoid white breads because these are high in yeast and can provoke diarrhea and yeast infections in most women I talk to. Instead of white bread try flat bread or wheat bread, but watch the sugar content. Also anything that is high in salt. Salt makes you retain water.

ya, not saying you should totally avoid sugar but eat less than you normally would and replace it with lots and lots of health foods. Next time you go to the store get lots of bright colorful fruits and veggies and remember your baby eats what you do.
well i would stay away from Arizona iced tea


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Eating food high in sugar, fat, and carbohydrates is not only bad for nutrition while a woman is pregnant, it is poor nutrition for someone even when they are not pregnant. It is also important for pregnant women to avoid foods that are high on the glycemic index.

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You should avoid preserves, cured or smoked meat, and things with nitrates.

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Some of the main things a woman should avoid while pregnant are smoking and drinking. Along with these is to be sure and not do any types of drugs.

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No but she needs to change it so it fits her better. Exercise is very important when pregnant.

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Pregnant women should not smoke. They should also avoid places where she will be exposed to second hand smoke. If a woman is a smoker and finds she is pregnant, she could talk to a doctor about the safest ways to quit.

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