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You should try avoiding sugar, try some splendor instead. You should definitely avoid caffeine. Try to avoid white breads because these are high in yeast and can provoke diarrhea and yeast infections in most women I talk to. Instead of white bread try flat bread or wheat bread, but watch the sugar content. Also anything that is high in salt. Salt makes you retain water.

ya, not saying you should totally avoid sugar but eat less than you normally would and replace it with lots and lots of health foods. Next time you go to the store get lots of bright colorful fruits and veggies and remember your baby eats what you do.
well i would stay away from Arizona iced tea

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Q: What foods should a pregnant woman avoid?
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What foods should I avoid while pregnant?

Eating food high in sugar, fat, and carbohydrates is not only bad for nutrition while a woman is pregnant, it is poor nutrition for someone even when they are not pregnant. It is also important for pregnant women to avoid foods that are high on the glycemic index.

Is it okay for a pregnant woman to eat preserved foods?

You should avoid preserves, cured or smoked meat, and things with nitrates.

What food groups should a pregnant woman consume?

Fibrous foods

What are the main things a female should avoid when pregnant?

Some of the main things a woman should avoid while pregnant are smoking and drinking. Along with these is to be sure and not do any types of drugs.

Should a pregnant woman avoid exercise?

No but she needs to change it so it fits her better. Exercise is very important when pregnant.

How can a pregnant woman reduce the risks associated with smoking?

Pregnant women should not smoke. They should also avoid places where she will be exposed to second hand smoke. If a woman is a smoker and finds she is pregnant, she could talk to a doctor about the safest ways to quit.

What are items a pregnant woman should not do?

A pregnant woman should never lift heavy objects. A pregnant woman shouldn't eat sushi. A pregnant woman shouldn't smoke.

What precautions should take by a 8 month pregnant woman?

There essential precautions that should be taken by a 8-month pregnant woman. They should avoid strenuous activities and also ensure that they are not subjecting the baby to any undue stress. The diet needs to be balanced and should avoid taking any toxic substances like alcohol.

What is a proper diet during pregnancy?

During pregnancy a woman should limit foods with alcohol or caffiene. They should also avoid fish such as shark, swordfish, king mackerel,and white snapper because they contain high levels of mercury. Soft cheeses are also on the list of foods to avoid because they may cause Listeria infection. Pregnant women should aslo avoid raw fish, especially shellfish like oysters and clams.

What drugs should a women avoid if she is trying to become pregnant?

ALL of them ! If a woman is trying to become pregnant, the only drugs she should be taking, are those prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner !

Which food is good for a 8 month pregnant woman?

Foods that are good for a woman who is 8 months pregnant are vegetables. Foods that are high in iron such as red meat and cereals are also recommended.

Why should a person avoid eating too much fatty foods?

because your going to become the world fastes manor woman

Should you do CPR on a pregnant woman?

Yes; do CPR if the woman is pregnant and is unresponsive.

Should a pregnant woman get in a hot tub?

High temperatures can affect an embryo or fetus. Pregnant women should avoid hot tubs and jacuzzis until after the baby is born. It's a small sacrifice.

Is cereal good for pregnant women?

Muesli is better for everyone. Cereal is not as healthy as muesli. Basically a pregnant woman can eat what she wants but should avoid raw seafood and meat since she can get salmonella. Alcohol is something to avoid as well.

Can a pregnant woman walks regularly?

Yes, a pregnant woman should exercise regularly.

Is a high fibre diet recommended for a pregnant woman?

A high fiber diet would consist of lots of natural grains and fresh vegetables. Since it is focused on many natural foods, it should be quite healthy for a pregnant woman, but a doctor should always be consulted.

Should you avoid lemons while on your period?

No, you do not "need" to avoid any specific food while on your period. Each woman is different and some foods trigger cramps in some woman but have no effect on other women. If lemons do not cause you more severe cramping, then there is no reason for you to avoid them.

Why must a pregnant woman avoid alcohol?

A pregnant woman must avoid alcohol because if she drinks alcohol the chemicals in it will go to the unborn baby and there is a high percentage that baby will either die or be physically mental.

Provolone cheese can a pregnant woman eat it?

Provolone cheese should not be a problem. Try to avoid soft cheeses such as feta, and blue cheese.

Does every pregnant woman gain weight?

Every pregnant woman should gain the weight.

What diseases does a pregnant woman need to avoid?

an unhealthy life style many drugs alcohol and smoking should be avoided. and a good balanced diet should be adhered to where possible.

What are some safety and other precautions related to foods that a pregnant woman should know?

make sure food, such as raw meat, is cooked completely.

What hole should be penetrated to make a woman pregnant?

Penetration would occur in the vagina for a woman to get pregnant.

How can a pregnant woman avoid diseases?

There are no special ways to avoid diseases in pregnancy. Same precautions has to be taken for all the people.