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Q: What football team is closest to river mersey?
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What football team has its ground closest to the river mersey?

Closest football ground to the Stockport. The river runs right around the back of the stadium.

What football team has its ground closest to the river thames?

Fulham f.c.

What football team has its ground closest to the river Trent?

Notts County and Nottingham Forest have their stadiums on opposite sides of the same stretch of the River Trent.

Does Iowa have a pro football team?

no, the closest thing that they have to a pro football team is the Iowa barnstormers which is in the afl

Who is the closest football team to London town center?

Millwall FC

What is North Dakota's NFL football team?

There is no NFL football team located in North Dakota.When they don't have a "local" team to root for, NFL fans usually follow whatever team is closest. Geographically, the NFL team closest to North Dakota is the Minnesota Vikings.

What football team plays at Gayfield park?

The present Gayfield Park is the home of Scottish football team Arbroath F.C.. It is the football stadium in Europe in closest proximity to the sea.

What is New Jersey's football team?

The state of New Jersey does not have a professional football team. The closest NFL team to this state is the New York Giants or New York Jets.

What professional football team is the proud Americans?

There is no National Football team named the "Proud Americans" But if that was a nickname for a team, my closest guess would be the New England Patriots

Who is manager of river plate?

Guillermo Almada is managing the football team River Plate in Uruguay (not the Argentinean team of the same name).

Who is South Carolina's football team?

They don't have an NFL Team in South Carolina, the closest team would be either Atlanta or the Carolina Panthers Visit In college football, the South Carolina Gamecocks are situated in Columbia.

Does the Ghana football team have a mascot?

Not really. The closest you get is a Black Star. The founder of the team intended to focus on the Black Star and nothing else. Osagyefonua.

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