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Q: What force Force that allows objects to keep on doing what they are already doing?
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What happened to the friction force as the weight or the pulled objects increased?

I have no way to know, because I was not in the room while you were doing the experiment.

Inertia is the resistance of an object to a change in its?

Inertia is directly proportional to an objects mass. Inertia is the desire of objects to continue doing exactly what they are doing. The greater the mass the greater the inertia.

Is it true that no force is needed to keep an object doing what it is already doing?

Deep question, but at the end of the day, Yes. It is true that no force is needed. Because if you put an object into space for example, it will continue what it is doing. If there was no gravity, it would just sit there.

What 2 objects oppose to forces and slow objects?

Strictly speaking, the only thing that opposes to force and slows objects in all scenarios is friction. If you are trying to move an object upwards, gravity is a downward force and as such is capable of doing opposing upwards forces and causing the object to slow down as well

Which of Newton's laws fits this statement - objects keep on doing what they are doing?

The first law comes closest. Objects have a tendency not to change their velocity.

Does force not reduce the amount of work that has to be done?

In the most precise sense, 'work' is defined as force acting through a distance. So ... straining to agree with something in the question ... if a force has already come along and moved through part of the distance, doing some of the required work in the process, then yes, the work already done by the force has reduced the amount of work remaining to be done. But that's a real stretch.

What does prearranged?

he/she already done it whats she/he doing

What must you be doing in order to be doing work?

Moving a force through a distance.

What type of energy is used by objects doing work?

kinetic energy

If not doing this or that where does force take the universe?


What would happen if you tried to squeeze gas into a smaller container?

the force of the particals would prevent you from doing it.

What are all objects in space constantly doing?

Objects in space are always Floating and/or orbiting a larger object because of the lack of gravity in space.