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Q: What forces act upon Santa's sleigh?
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What forces act upon arch bridges?

Tension and compression are the two forces that act upon a bridge.

Name some forces that act upon a moving object?

Some forces that can act upon a moving object include friction, air resistance, gravity, and applied forces like pushing or pulling. These forces can affect the speed, direction, and motion of the object.

What forces act upon a car when it accelerates?


What do unbalanced forces act upon?

dey dont

What forces act upon skyscrapers?

Skyscrapers are primarily designed to counteract gravity with their structural framework and foundation. Wind forces also play a significant role, being resisted by the building's shape and materials. Earthquakes can exert lateral forces on skyscrapers, which are countered by seismic design principles.

What are forces that act upon objects?

Some Forces do not involve physical contact between the bodies on which they act. -Jauan Williams 3182163642

What forces act upon a book sitting on a table?

The main forces acting on a book sitting on a table are the force of gravity pulling it downwards and the normal force exerted by the table pushing upwards to support the weight of the book. These two forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction, resulting in a state of equilibrium where the book remains stationary.

Is it true that an object will slowdown and stop as long as forces act upon it?


What forces act upon a meteor as it falls toward Earth?

Forces of gravity ( gravitational force) pulls the meteor to earth

What two forces you act upon and use when you are standing on earth?

Gravity and atmospheric pressure.

what forces act upon the moon as it is orbiting earth?

Gravity hold the moon in orbit

What are the condition for an object to keep moving at constant velocity?

No resultant forces act upon it