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elastic potential energy

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Q: What forces work against inertia?
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What is the state for forces then there is no motion?

Inertia .

What are unblanced forces?

When 2 forces are not equal and they work against each other.

What two forces work together to keep the planets in orbit around the sun?

The two forces that work together to keep the planets in orbit around the sun are gravity and inertia.

What is snowboarding forces?

Inertia, friction, gravity

What forces act on nebula?

Gravity and Inertia

What are two opposing forces?

Inertia and force

What is the 2 forces that work against machines?

friction and gravity

What forces act against people on a roller coaster ride?

In terms of general physics; momentum, gravity, kenetic energy, inertia, and friction

What are the forces that effect inertia?

Gravity and friction can affect inertia. Another force that can affect inertia is the mass of the object that is being moved.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

centrifugal (forces that bring together) and centrifugal (forces that divide)

Relate inertia to stopping forces like friction?

it is

What is the tendecy of moving object when no forces act on it?


What is the resistance forces?

Perhaps you mean friction or inertia.

If there were no inertia would cause the moon to travel in a straight line-?

Inertia is one of the forces of nature that impact the forces of the moon and its orbit through the solar system.

What are two effects that forces can have on motion?

inertia and gravitational pull

What forces apply to bobsledding?

gravity and friction along with inertia

What forces keep the car train moving?

inertia and momentum

What do the forces of inertia and gravitational pull of the moon cause?


What forces are active when your thrown from your bike?

Inertia, gravity, friction.

What two forces keep an object in orbit?

Gravity and Inertia. :)

How does gravity work against inertia?

Inertia is the property of matter by which it remains in constant, uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force. Gravity is an ever-present external force.

Why does a heavier person go down the slide faster?

because a heavier person has more inertia, and therefore the forces that work to slow the person down, i.e. friction, wind resistance, whatever, will have less effect on an object with more inertia than less inertia

When unequal forces are exerted an an object resulting in movement is called a?


What two forces keep the moon in orbit?

inertia and the gravity of the Earth

What two forces keep earth orbiting the sun?

inertia and gravity